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How to do a healthy barbeque

Because of the simple reason that meat prepared on the grill does not require the use of oil makes many of us to believe that this is a healthy way of cooking. Actually, it is a fact that beginning with the first flower in spring and until the last leaf falls in autumn, the grill is a must in our yards. Here is How to do a healthy barbeque:

When you fry or grill meat, there appears the risk of producing polycyclic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic amines and other substances which speed up the process of aging and increase the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer.

If the temperature is high or there is a lot of smoke during food preparation, the meat we are cooking will be full of dangerous substances. A study confirmed that a grill produces more smoke than 220.000 cigarettes.

But here is the good news. You can substantially reduce the amount of carcinogens resulting from grilling by following these simple steps:

1. Firstly, stay away from smoke. Avoid inhaling it.

2. Marinate meat and fish before putting them on the grill. Lemon juice or vinegar can reduce the amount of heterocyclic amines with up to 92 % according to American Institute for Cancer Research. Combine lemon juice or vinegar with olive oil , herbs and spices.

3. It has been discovered that basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage contain antioxidants which counteract free radicals. Thus, soak the meat in these herbs if it is possible.


How to make a healthy barbecue

You are not hungry. Are you?

4. Besides your delicious stake, eat various types of vegetables to eliminate the toxins. After enjoying your lunch, you can have a green tea for the same reasons. Vegetables and green tea contain antioxidants which fight against carcinogens.

5. Try to put the grill as far as possible from a heat source. In this way the deposits of toxins from the fat that melts and from the smoke will be considerably reduced.

6. Opt for chicken or fish and avoid as much as possible fat meat.

7. Cut meat in small and thin pieces. This will reduce the effects of exposure to high temperatures and smoke.

8. Wrap meat in aluminium foil for the same purpose: to limit the direct contact with the toxic fumes and deposits resulting from burning fat.
9. Turn the meat frequently from side to side.

10. The grill must be cleaned after every usage. The remaining deposits increase the amount of toxins you ingest.


how to cook steak in the oven

Grill steak medium rare

11. Grill the vegetables. Unlike meat, the vegetables do not develop carcinogens while they are grilled, so you can eat as many as you wish.

12. It is recommended to prepare the sauces yourself, but if you do not have sufficient time, be very attentive to the ingredients when you choose a sauce from the market. You should buy those that do not contain corn syrup, preservatives, additives or artificial flavors. Look for sauces made of natural ingredients.

13. Any type of grilled food should be covered and put in the fridge in less than two hours from its preparation. However, if you put it in the fridge while it is still hot, this might come into contact with other foods, producing dangerous bacteria.

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