Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes on a Budget

Healthy eating is one of the things which should concern us the most, especially if we are moms and we are trying to look out after our children.

Aside of the fact that healthy eating is important both for us and our families; it is also a great way of staying in shape and keeping a nice figure.

And as if that were not enough, we also have to keep an eye on what the kids are eating, because they are currently dealing with the growing process and they have to eat as many proteins and fibers and vitamins, so as to have a healthy body.

Even so, we may find it hard at times, coming up with a healthy meal, which is also cost-effective. Therefore, we need to learn some tricks about how to make our families’ meals healthier, tastier and that can happen with not so much money.

Let’s see together what the best healthy recipes on a budget are.

Healthy Recipes: What’s for Dinner?

Although we may not know it, there are a lot of things we can do for dinner, without having to spend too much money. For instance, we can use chicken for a nice cooked, healthy dinner.

The lemon chicken is one of the best healthy budget recipes which you can easily make. You have to get some boneless, skinless chicken breasts which cost around 3 or 4 bucks per pound.

After you wash the meat, cook it in a hot, nonstick pan until it gets golden brown on both its sides. Then, add 2 or 3 spoons of juice squeezed from a lemon and a cup of chicken stock.

After the entire thing has cooked through, you can season it with pepper and salt and serve it. It is a delicious meal, which does not even cost you too much and which will provide enough quantities of vitamins and proteins for you and your family.

Healthy Recipes on a Budget

Another type of meal you can cook and which is easy to make and very cheap is the cranberry tuna salad. Although tuna is not too appreciated, cooked like this it is incredibly tasty and healthy.

Get a can of chunk light tuna and drain the extra water and add to it 2 spoons of light mayonnaise, some salt, a handful of cranberries and 2 spoons of brown sugar. After you mix them all together, you get a wonderfully tasty and healthy tuna salad, which is quite cheap and which your children will simply adore.

Healthy Recipes :What’s for Dessert?

Although you may not think so, desserts are very important both for you, grown-ups, and for your kids, because they are meant to satisfy your cravings for sweets.

And if you want your children to be healthy and have nice teeth, make sure you keep them away from all that sweets. Instead, try making some tasty desserts at home.

For instance, parfaits are great as desserts or as breakfasts, but most people stay away from them because they have a lot of sugar. For a healthier version, however, you have to get some low fat yogurt, which you can sweeten it up with some vanilla and splenda.

Then, for the syrup, you can cook some slices of blueberries and strawberries. After you cool it in the fridge, you can layer it with the yogurt and some granola, if you’d like.

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