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Grand Marnier Chocolate Fondue Recipe

This fun and easy to prepare dessert is nothing but melted chocolate, flavored with orange peel and brandy of oranges. You can prepare it at home in an instant! In addition, you don’t need a fondue set – only a bowl and some barbecue sticks. The following Chocolate Fondue Recipe is for four servings, but can be easily adapted to another number of lustful guests.

Tasteful Chocolate Fondue

How to Make Chocolate Fondue

• Grate orange peel with a special tool or a vegetable peeler, with a grater or a sharp knife. Be sure to leave aside the bitter white rind.
• Place the grated orange peel in a bowl on low heat with a little sweet cream, and bring it to boiling point.
• Meanwhile, grate and put chocolate in a fondue pot or a clean metal bowl.
• Boil the cream 1 minute or more, then turns off the fire and let it a few minutes on the stove.
• Strain the cream over chocolate, to remove the orange peel.
• Allow chocolate to melt slowly. If necessary, place the bowl over a pot where water boils, slowly to help chocolate to melt. Mix the chocolate and cream.
• Pour a tablespoon or two of orange juice over the chocolate and add about a tablespoon of Grand Marnier (by taste).
• Place cut fruits all around the chocolate dish, whole forest fruits or pieces of cake that can be put on the barbecue sticks and then dipped in chocolate.

Homemade Chocolate Fondue

Tips & Tricks for Chocolate Fondue

• You can use quality dark chocolate or one with a lower cocoa content, and even a mixture of both, depending on your preferences.
• When it comes to what you dip in melted chocolate, limits relate only in season and your preferences. Strawberries and pieces of cakes or rusks are very suitable. Other forest fruits, such as raspberries or blueberries, are good choices, as well as grapes. You can try apple slices, kiwi, banana or orange. Or try fruits cut in half, figs or fresh apricots.
• You can also experiment with the drink you use to flavor. Grand Marnier or Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur) are the best because of high sugar content.

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