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Psychological Needs Satisfied by Reading

People read. People read a lot, or at least many people do. And if you think about it, you probably do not even know why you read. Some of us may read out of pure pleasure, while others may be reading because they have to or because they are interested in finding new things.

Still, it seems that all of us, reading people, have a common desire – we need to satisfy our need of belonging.

What Has the Need of Belonging Have to Do with Reading?

We all need to feel that we belong somewhere. We all have a home, we have a family and we need to feel like we belong to something, to someone. Reading is known to satisfy this need and the process is really simple, if you think about it.

While we read, we identify with some of the characters, we recognize places and we feel like we fit perfectly in the plotline. Therefore, this psychological need of belonging every one of us has is fulfilled and this is how we acquire satisfaction from this point of view.

Psychological Needs Satisfied by Reading

Psychological Needs Satisfied by Reading

Once the reading process has trigged our full attention, we get a chance of digging deeper and deeper and in the process, our mind gets more involved and we tend to imagine things even better. We create a world of our own, where we feel we belong completely.

Therefore, the entire process is used to somehow entertain us, while we satisfied this psychological need of belonging we all have.

We Relate to What We Read

The study made on the issue shows that people who read identify in such measure to whatever they are reading, that it can influence their entire lives. For instance, in the study, people who participated were split in half and one half had to read passages from “Twilight” while the other half had to read passages from “Harry Potter.”

From what the researchers said, it seems that people who read from the first book had more chances to identify with vampires and with their natures, while people who read from the second book were more prone to understand and like the magical world, where there were wizards.

The overall conclusion of the study was that people can identify greatly with the books they are reading and that these books are the ones which actually get to shape our personality.

Most people read because they have this unconscious need to belong to something, to someone and the universe of the books offers us all a chance to belong to a world we ourselves create.

Therefore, we feel more comfortable in that world, we feel more at ease and more confident and good about ourselves.

Bottom line, it seems that good descriptions of places and people make us more involved in the reading process and the better the descriptions, the more and better are we able to visualize things.

Reading satisfies us not only from the entertaining point of view, but it also makes sure we are satisfied at one of the deepest psychological levels.

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