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Ortorexia – Perfect Food Seriously Damages Health

Perfect Food seriously harms health, experts warn, in an analysis of the Ortorexia phenomenon.

Obsession for the right food, called in the specialized language Ortorexia is making victims every day. According to the Eurobarometer conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2010, 47% Europeans fear that the food they consume is making them sick, more than those who are afraid of car accidents (34 %), or to be victims of a crime (19%). Moreover, according to the survey 24% of Europeans verify the number of calories and nutrients for the food they consume.

Doctor Hermann Muller, who has treated several patients who had suffered from Ortorexia, says that the symptoms of this disorder consists in avoiding meals where food could be “unhealthy”, social isolation, control over the preparation of meals, the obsession to obtain detailed information about food composition. Muller added to this the elimination of eating pleasure, which is a

“pathological element, given that among the natural roles of nutrition, the pleasure of eating is included.

Experts say that women are more likely than men to develop obsession with diet (Ortorexia) and physical exercise. Lucy Jones from the Association of British Nutritionists, cited by the Daily Mail is convinced that behind this obsession is an

“excessive cult of celebrity and the pressure they feel to be thin.

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