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“Mammoth” Generation or “More”

Starbucks coffee chain announced a few days ago the launch in US of a new coffee cup with a volume of 916 ml (the equivalent of a bottle of wine), the volume exceeds the capacity of the human stomach (900 ml).

The company said that the launch of this product has been imposed due to market demand but some believe that this gesture is just a response to rival McDonald‘s, which began trading tea per liter. (source: The Independent)

Such releases on the food market do not really surprise anyone. In recent years, the idea that more is cheaper, and therefore more convenient, deliberately ignore the disastrous effects that these decisions often have on the health. Mirage of winning is a priority.

David A. Kessler, author of the bestselling The End of Overeating” pointed out that over thousands of years the average human body weight remained constant. But after 1980 something changed, t he food has begun to gain a new valence and to be seen as a major factor for the mass manipulation.” Mankind walked into a new era of taste and flavor dependence, for which major food-producing companies are guilty. The super saturation of food with fat, salt and sugar, the effect was guaranteed. In the 60s, women between 20 and 29 years weighed, on average, 58 kg. After 2000, the same sample by age, there was an increase in weight by 13 kg.

The way we eat has changed in the last 50 years than in the past 10,000 years.” – is the central idea behind the documentary Food Inc., which presents the methods of obtaining food and the truth behind thousands of products from supermarkets. US food market has, at present, more than 47,000 products. Food companies have never been so strong and did not offer so much diversity in the market.

Beyond speculation, statistics and reports of the World Health Organization, can easily grasp how the waterline in terms of moderation began to be increasingly blurred. However, “gustibus non disputandum” has no place when it comes to health. We go to the primitivism of thought and behavior, when pleasure gets a god form and takes the place of healthy thinking. We’ve talked and will talk about monopoly, conspiracy theory, manipulation, but one thing is certain: the choices are personal and when we realize this, any other theory of evil loses its purpose.

Health is a large area. It includes not only the body, mind and spirit but also a human perspective, said James H. West. And his words seem to me now more true than ever.

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