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Half of the German doctors prescribe Placebo Meds

Half of the German doctors prescribe placebo meds, according to a study by the German Medical Association (BÄK), quoted by The Guardian.

Vitamins, homeopathic treatments and even false operations proved to be very effective in a variety of treatments, reveals the same study. In Bavaria, for example, 88% of the family physicians sent their patients home with placebo drug prescriptions, which the study authors say that maximizes the effects of the medication” and areextremely important in medicine today.

BÄK researchers emphasizes that such drugs can reduce unwanted side effects of medication and represents a more efficient use of our health budget.”

Other studies claim that the placebo drugs have helped 59% of the patients who suffered from stomach burn. Moreover, when they were used to treat depression, placebo meds had the same effect as antidepressants, in one third of the treated cases.

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