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Europeans, forced to smoke cigarettes that self-extinguish

Starting this winter, all the European market will have on sale only cigarettes with reduced ignition propensity, at the request of the European Union.

The authorities that monitor the market in all EU Member States will ensure that all cigarettes will be safe for consumers, starting with 17 November 2011.

In addition, manufacturers, importers and retailers are obliged to ensure that they won’t introduce on the market cigarettes without the reduced ignition propensity after this date, and will liquidate existing stocks until 17 November 2011.

Reduced ignition propensity cigarettes, or RIP – Reduced Ignition Propensity (ironic name huh) are a new type of cigarettes that self extinguish if left to burn.

We currently have no other information regarding the price. It should remain the same as before.

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