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Commercials change our eating habits

If we could complete our recommended daily calories from food only presented in the commercials from television, then, “it would consume 25 times more sugar and 20 times more fat,” it said in a study presented by Herbalife.

Looking at food commercials from 84 hours of prime time television programs in the US, the report draws attention to foods high in salt and cholesterol but low in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The food from television ads are so overloaded in fat and sugar, that if we choose one food from this group, we would consume more than 3 times sugar and 2 times more fat than the recommended daily dose,” is shown in report.

The first time you see an ad for food, do not point the to the fridge, but take a chewing gum, wash your teeth or do some movement to stretch,” said Dr. Luigi Gratton, Vice President Medical Affairs & Education in Herbalife Ltd.

In America, people spend more money on fast food than on education. A quarter of US population to goes daily to fast-food restaurants.


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