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Brita Water Filter Review

The Brita water filter is probably my favorite thing in the kitchen and feel the need to talk online about this product because I really, really like it!

I’ve recommended this water filter to my friends and 5 of them also bought it so I thought, why not, let’s talk about it here on the website. The problem I had initially was that my tap water is downright horrible and I was forced to buy bottled water from supermarkets.

This means frequent roads to the store, spending a fortune on plain water, gathering plastic bottles in my balcony, walking back home carring huge water bottles and of course, affecting the environment during this whole process.

Not anymore! I have bought water from the store for at least two years because I imagined that water filters are expensive and need to be installed directly on the kitchen pipes. Well, that’s not true and the solution ย is to buy a Brita water filter.

Why buy a Brita Water Filter

One night I accidentally found while browsing the internet the Brita water filter jug, made by a German company founded in 1966 with extensive experience in water filtration. They are THE GODS of Filtered Water Land. Everything from coffee filters found in vending machines, to big industrial water filters and those simple ones that everyone can use at home. Yes, Brita does them, Brita makes everything related to water!

I’ve bought my Brita Marella XL jug online back in December with 24$ and you can see it in the picture below. It also comes with one cartridge.

buy brita water filter

My brita water filter

You can also see our website in this picture so yes, it’s finally a genuine review made for this Brita water filter… Now, let’s start with the beginning. My Brita water filter was bought from this website and you should also buy it online because it’s cheaper.

If you want one, click here. It is transparent and has a dark blue cap, but there are all sorts of colors you could choose from. It consists of two containers, one for the tap water and one where the filtered water ends in.

Inside you’ll find a white cartridge that is easy to find in shops and changing it is a breeze. Hence, you could also buy these online from the link above. It reduces chlorine (keys and odor), mercury, lead and more, provides about 400 gallons of filtered water per year and saves approximately 3200 16 oz. plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. The best part? Filtered water is about 1/10 the cost of Bottled water – saving you at least $600 per year.

BRITA cartridges contain a combination of ion exchange resin and activated carbon.

That’s the official description and you know what? They do not lie!

I’ve bought my Brita water filter 3 months ago and did not changed the cartridge.In the manual it says that you should change the cartridge once a month or after 200 uses, a number I exceeded. What can I say…the filtered water still tastes super good but I promise to change it soon.

Another reason I bought this Brita water filter was to replace not only my drinking water but also to use it for cooking and to reduce limescale on appliances. I speak here of my iron or steamer, and also my tea or soups, etc. It is a clear difference in taste between foods made with tap water and the ones made using filtered water.

My Brita Water Filter Review

BRITA filtered water will provide you with clean, clear, and fresh tasting drinking water:

  • You may use it for great tasting cold drinks, tea and coffee
  • May improve the colour and texture of food cooked with the Brita filtered water
  • Protects your domestic appliances against limescale build up
  • Costs much, much less in comparison to alternatives
  • Is a favourite with family pets who can be sensitive to chlorine in tap water
  • Helps cut flowers to last longer and household plants thrive

Impurities that affect your tap water’s taste, odour, and colour include:

  • Chlorine: Many water suppliers use chlorine as a safe disinfectant. It has a unpleasant taste and odour.
  • Sediment: This is inorganic matter or natural vegetation. Sediment can cause build up in household pipes and unpleasant tastes and odours.
  • Water Hardness: Hard water contains dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These 2 elements in time cause limescale build up in kettles and hot water appliances. It also creates unpleasant taste and the unsightly scum on tea and coffee.

This was my Brita water filter review, I hope you liked it and enjoy this product as much as I do! I give it 5 stars for the ingenious shape, filtered water taste and the economy I make.

If you are interested in purchasing the Brita water filter, click on the image below. It’s really, really cheap!

buy brita water filter now

Buy Brita Water Filter

Rating by Health Define: 5.0 stars

Brita Water Pitcher Get cleaner, great-tasting water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. The Brita pitcher filtration system turns tap water into healthier drinking water. The ion exchange resin filter removes contaminants* that are often found in tap water.

The filtering process also reduces the taste and odor of chlorine. And with no plastic bottles to throw away it s better for the environment.

The contemporary and stylish design along with an efficient shape maximizes refrigerator space to make this pitcher perfect for personal use at home or at work.

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