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Back pain: what problems can appear?

Back pain can be of muscle, nerve, joint or bone. Depending on the affected area back pain are classified as: upper and lower back pain, back pain and sacroiliac pain. The common characteristics of these types of pain: it radiates, are chronic with periods of intense flare (felt as a burning or stinging or sometimes odd nature, manifested by twinges).


Back pain provides essential information about the overall health of the body. Thus, when presenting such a pain it is advisable to ask your triggers are and do not panic, thinking that you suffer from a serious condition!

Symptom: The pain occurs first
Consider: As you require substantive because you do not know what happens to your body
Reality: Your health may improve without medical advice.
Next step: Follow self-care advice.

Symptom: Sudden pain arise from activities
Consider: That should not have to practice certain activities.
Reality: Muscle Overuse occurred a few days ago, your last activity has only to erupt muscle pain.
Next step: Follow self-care advice.

Symptom: The pain occurs during locomotion
Consider: it is time to rest so that the condition does not worsen.
Reality: There is no connection between sleep and pain manifested during locomotion. In most cases, physical activity accelerates the recovery process.
Next step: Start an exercise program Stretching as soon as possible. Do not stay in bed longer than 2 days!

Symptoms: Pain intense especially in the morning
Consider: As you sleeping in an uncomfortable position.
Reality: Muscle pain occurs due to intense physical activity and effort at the end of the day, not after you’ve rested.
Next step: See your health care professional for possible inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Inflammatory diseases also lead to back pain and muscle stiffness morning.

Symptoms: Chronic Pain
Consider: as suffering from a serious
Fact: Even temporary problems such as muscle sprains can cause great pain.
Next step: Go to a specialized medical consultation. Also, try to identify if the pain is similar to the feeling of weakness in the limbs.

The first 48 hours – tips autoingrijireSus
Although back pain is sudden and intense, with any luck it will manifest itself in a short period of time.
Here are some simple tips to remedy back pain.

1. compresses
The affected area is recommended to apply a compress with cold water for 20 minutes. Thus, a towel or cloth (linen or cotton) soak in cold water, then apply to the affected area. From time to time compression is cooled.

We recommend massaging the affected area with ice cubes. Thus, a few ice cubes are wrapped in a towel or cotton thinnest; massage the area where pain occurs for 5 minutes. The massage may be carried out several times in one day, but a period of one hour. Ice is a natural painkiller that help relieve inflammation by constricting blood vessels.

2. Medications
To relieve back pain recommend anti-inflammatory drugs that contain aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen. Time for action of these drugs is short, which leads to rapid improvement in pain and inflammation. These drugs are not recommended for people allergic to the active substances mentioned above; In this case we recommend taking acetaminophen, but inflammation relief will not be as effective.

Claim your family doctor to help you buy your drugs useful for pain relief There are situations in which non-prescription medicines are not effective in pain relief and patient requiring a muscle relaxant.

3. Sleep
Rest when the body require this!
Positions comfortable back:
– Lie back on the floor, head resting on a pillow and flexed knees or feet high;
– Lie on your back, place a pillow behind his neck and another between your knees.

In the first 48 hours of total rest is indicated showing pain, but after this period are indicated moderate-intensity physical activities because they help to relieve muscle pain

Consult specialist
If the pain gets worse you should see the doctor. Also when you need medical care:
– Have undergone a minor car accident, or when there was another traumatic event;
– You can not move your legs, or feel a numbness / weakness, severe;
– The presence of intestinal disorders, difficulty urinating, or you lost your senses in the abdominal area;
– In addition to back pain and fever present (we could be talking about an infection);
– Present difficulties mobility, especially if you have arthritis or osteoporosis (it could be a fracture).

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