Zumba Time – moving in a nonconformist style

Zumba Fitness is the latest trend in sports for maintenance and body shaping. From now on, you can forget the rigorous program from the gym because Zumba classes combine movement with good humor. In this way, you lose calories, your body will be shaped and last but not least, you will feel better. Let’s see, however, what is the history of this new type of fitness and the principles at its base.

Zumba is in fact a combination of fitness and Latino dance. Zumba, in the Argentinean slang means “quickly”, but at the Zumba Time courses you will see that slow movements alternate with the fast ones. Therefore, Zumba can also be considered and effective cardio exercise.

The one who discovered and established this type of somewhat nonconformist movement was the Colombian choreographer and dancer Beto Perez. One day, he forgot at home his fitness music CD so he had to improvise, using two personal CDs with salsa and merengue.

This is how he discovered how important it is for students a good mood and what positive effect had on them the Latin music. Over time, Perez associated with two colleagues, opening more Zumba schools in the U.S., contributing to the popularity of this new type of dance fitness.

Today, at Zumba classes movement is done in the rhythm of samba, rumba, salsa, merengue, flamenco, bachata, cumbia, cha-cha, quebradito, calypso or regaetton.

Blending the fitness principles with Latino rhythms and a good mood is in fact the secret of this new type of sport that classify somewhere between fitness and dance.

Although it seems like a hybrid sport, Zumba has numerous benefits on both physical and psychological level. Zumba moves, just like cardio work, helps by improving your cardiovascular system.

In addition, during a Zumba Fitness session you can burn between 700 and 1,000 calories, so you can get rid of extra pounds. Your body will also be shaped and toned, as the executed movements involve the legs, arms, butt and abs.

If you like dancing and want to do fitness at the same time, then surely you will appreciate Zumba. Prepare yourself for the Zumba Time.

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