Try Yogalates if You Like Yoga and Pilates

In the recent period of time, two of the most popular types of exercises are Yoga and Pilates. Someone decided to combine the two of them, and as a result Yogalates was created.

Yogilates, a different version was first created in 1997, the new version being recently created. In case you did not know, Yoga was first created in India.

It focuses on spirituality, strength, and flexibility. Pilates, created by German-born Joseph Pilates, focuses on developing core muscles. Both of the exercises involve maintaining certain postures, and breathing in the proper manner.

Yogalates: Yoga and Pilates Combined

Experts say that Yogalates is really beneficial for the body, despite of its funny name. It is not a gimmick as many believe. The two types of exercises combine really well, because they are so similar. Both of the exercises share the same philosophies.

In both of the cases the mind is focused on the position of the body, and on the breathing technique. The mind is focused on the exercise performed at that particular moment.

There are numerous poses designed specifically for Yogalates. They involve all of the basic muscle groups: back, chest, arms, abdomen, and so on. The Yogalates trainers say that the most important thing is to focus on learning the poses, of being 100 percent focused on the task.

The mind needs to be present at the performed actions. In many of the cases, the class begins with 20 minutes of exercising. Yogalates combines the elements of Yoga, such as maintaining a certain pose, with the ones of Pilates, such as performing intense abdominal exercises.

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People will maintain a Yoga pose, and then they will perform a Pilates move. The movements combine each other really well.

Yogalates: Not Very Efficient, Some Say.

Pilates compensates, as it engages parts of the body which are not involved when performing Yoga exercises. As a result, all the muscles are involved in the process. The Yogalates classes are starting to become very popular, as it really relaxes people, who are getting more and more stressed.

Of course, not everyone likes these classes, especially the ones who are big fans of one of the exercises.

Some believe that Yogalates fails to deliver the same benefits as Yoga or Pilates deliver on their own. They believe that the combination “tries too hard” and fails to succeed.

Others have suggested taking separate classes of Yoga and Pilates, see which one you like the most, and sticking to that type of exercise.

You should try and see if you like Yogalates, it might be able to surprise you. Experts say that Yogalates works especially for people who are not flexible and young.

It is much easier than Yoga or Pilates alone, and it manages to offer some benefits. It is able to protect the back from injuries, to increase the core muscle, and to develop the abdomen muscles.

You should make sure that the instructor knows what he/she is doing, and that he is an expert in either Yoga or Pilates. Try Yogalates today!

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