Yoga Exercises That Burn Calories

Wouldn’t be nice to relax and at the same time burn calories (lose fat)? It is possible with yoga exercises.

Although yoga movements are usually smooth and loose, those listed below, discovered by specialists are sufficiently energetic that allow you to burn calories, and to relax at the same time.

Perform exercise circuit twice. If you are a beginner, once is enough, especially as the exercise program is difficult.

Exercise 1

Standing, with hands raised overhead, palms facing inward and knees slightly bent.

Step forward into a lunge.
Keeping the lunge position, raise your left foot from the floor and stretch it back, then quickly returning to the starting position.

Repeat this exercise 20 times for each leg.

Exercise 2

Standing, with hands raised overhead, palms facing inward.
Bend your knees, as for squats and stay that way.

Lift up standing on toes , so the heels will not touch the floor, while lowering your hands in front at shoulder level.

Keeping this position, do three light squats lowering your torso a few inches.

Exercise 3

Begin the exercise with hands clasped on the chest.

Put your right foot on the left knee.
Bend your left knee as for a lunge, while you stretch your right leg sideways and touch the floor with your toes.

Return to starting position with the knees slightly flexed, and then repeat.
Perform 20 moves for each side.

Exercise 4

Begin the exercise with hands clasped at the chest level and right foot placed on the your left knee.

Keeping the left foot stuck to the right knee, twist your body and your leg extend forward.

Return to starting position, stick again the foot on the leg and stretch it out.
Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 5

Stand with your legs apart, arms extended sideways.
Now lunge sideways with right leg and the left foot kept perfectly straight.

Look forward towards the right hand.
Keeping the lunge position, rotate your arms.

Change direction of rotation and repeat exercise 10 times.

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