Yoga – Exercises for Body and Spirit

Yoga is a practice that has gained increasing popularity in the recent years. The combination of physical movements, breathing and meditation techniques proved to be a winner especially for those who believe that physical health can be achieved only through inner balance. Today we would like to talk about yoga exercises.

yoga exercises

Yoga Warrior Pose

Let’s review a bit this technique’s history, and find out what benefits we can have from practicing Yoga.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit term that means to unite”. As practice, Yoga has Indian origins (4,000 years old) that focuses on physical positions (asanas), movement and breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. Positive thinking, healthy diet and other complementary therapies are also very important.

Also, few people know that Yoga practice focuses on Ayurveda medicine. Ayurveda is an old Indian medical system dating back over 5,000 years, which aims to resolve any internal imbalance by treating patients according to three types corresponding to the three internal forces: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Thus, each type has its physical and mental characteristics, on which a certain treatment is recommended.

A Yoga session lasts 60-75 minutes. It begins with a relaxation period of about 30 minutes, during which you learn to relax through breathing. Then for another 30-40 minutes you perform stretches and movements of the body also adjusted through breathing techniques.

Yoga as a lifestyle

Yoga Exercises

In Yoga, the body is seen rather as a vessel we can bring harmony, discipline and wisdom. Therefore, movements and breathing techniques performed in the types of yoga come to facilitate the fluid transition of energy and regaining of balance.

Through the correlation of body-mind-spirit, the benefits of practicing Yoga appear at both physical and mental level.

Physical benefits: better posture, better immune system, higher strength, improved cardiovascular and the respiratory system, lower cholesterol. Also, Ashtanga Yoga is suitable for those seeking to lose weight. It is proved that people who practice yoga and eat healthy have a smaller body mass index than others.

Mental benefits: confidence, reduces or eliminates stress and some states such as anxiety, pessimism, depression, greater ability to concentrate or socializing, etc.

Regarding the various types of Yoga, you should know that all have common ground when referring to body posture (yoga poses), but differ in style of approach when talking about adopted physical movements, the difficulty of movements, etc.

Kathryn Buding - Vashistasana Yoga variation

Here are some of the best known and practiced types of Yoga Exercises:

Iyengar Yoga – is the best type of yoga for beginners and that is because the movements are slow and steady, focusing more on breathing techniques.

Hatha Yoga – the most common type of yoga in the West, it is also recommended to beginners, focusing on breath control and the articulations extent.

Ashtanga Yoga – has gained popularity in the recent years and it is considered a style more difficult to practice, but recommended for those who want to lose weight, because in the Ashtanga Yoga courses weights and a little more complex movements are used, aimed to develop body resistance. Also in this type of yoga movement and breathing techniques are correlated.

Shadow Yoga – purpose of this type of yoga is to achieve a balanced and continuous flow of breathing through a correct position and rhythmic movements. It is very similar to Tai Chi.

Choose the yoga exercises that fit you best and try them out as these will help your body regain its mental and physical balance.

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