Wii Exercises vs Kinect Exercises

Thanks to the development of technology, there are different manners in which one can exercise. Instead of doing exercises outside, there are people who do them indoors with the aid of their gaming consoles.

Wii was the first consoles which allowed people to “exergame”, but now, Xbox and PlayStation owners can use their consoles to exercise. PlayStation released its PlayStationMove equipment, whereas Xbox released the Kinect.

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Review: Wii Exercises vs Kinect Exercises

There are numerous types of games people can play on their consoles if they want to break a sweat. The goal of most of these games is to encourage the user to move; to perform physical exercises while they have fun.

According to various scientific researches performed by the University of Calgary Exergaming Research Centre, and the University of Massachusetts Department of Exercise and Health Sciences, the exergaming, a combination of exercising and gaming, is useful for the body.

Of course, the intensity of the exercises is very important.

As already mentioned, each of the major consoles has a device which allows you to move while you play. Kinect, made by Xbox is the only one which does not require a remote control to play.

On the Wii, the user has to sit on a balance board for many of the exercises. Many smartphones have something similar, but the games which can be played on them, are not as challenging as the ones from the consoles.

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The games are similar on all the consoles, as they are mostly sports games, such as boxing, tennis, bowling, soccer, and so on. From all these games, boxing burns the most calories: 7.2 per minute, or 216 per 30 minutes.

Golf burns the fewest: 3.1 per minute, 93 per 30 minutes. The main advantage of the exergames is the fact that people enjoy performing them. They do not consider the activity as a chore, or burden, but as something fun to do.

People exercise without actually knowing it, and that’s pretty good.

Have Fun with Wii Exercises & Kinect Exercises

The problem with exercising is the fact that many people get bored of it, pretty soon. The same thing can happen with these games. However, since they can be played in multiplayer, people tend to stick with them for a longer period of time.

The games can also be played online, and as a result, people remain interested in them for a longer period of time. In the United States of America, people want to create a league for such games, which might encourage people to be more physically active with the aid of games.

According to experts, exergaming should be tried, because it helps people burn calories, even if not at the same rate as the regular exercises do.

These exercises are safe to perform, and they can be performed at all times, regardless of the weather conditions, hour, and so on. You can just turn on the console and start playing the games. Do not forget to have fun while you do it.

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