Water Exercises for a perfect body

Want to lose weight and have a perfectly toned body without much effort? Sounds utopian, but it is really possible. Water Exercises are ideal for the whole body, both for children and adults.

Another major advantage is that physical activity in water shows the lowest risk of injury, while being suitable for obese people but also for those who have problems with joints or spine.

Water Exercises burn many calories, yet, gives you the feeling that you’re having fun,” said the water fitness coach, Greg Moe. The force of water resistance makes you use your muscles a lot.”

For these exercises you’ll need a beach ball. Bigger the ball is, will lead to more difficult exercises.

Exercise 1

Sit upright in the pool, with water up to her neck.
Lift one leg, so they are parallel to the bottom of the pool.
Keep legs as straight, while pushing the water with both arms.
Change that lean leg, every 5 seconds without stopping the movement of hands.
Do not forget to keep your legs straight throughout the exercise.
Perform the exercise for a duration of 30 seconds.

Exercise 2

Keep the ball in your arms, while you float on your back with legs straight and stuck.
Go back to the left, making a full twist, until you get with your face to the surface again.
Use your whole body to twist into the water and breathe when you get to the starting position.
Continue the exercise for 30 seconds, alternating direction of twist.

Exercise 3

Stay in the water face down and keep the ball in your hands at the water surface with your arms perfectly straight, outstretched.
Keep your arms perfectly straight, while rapidly pull the ball under you  up to the thighs level.
When the ball is at the thighs level, bend your arms and lift it to the surface, to its starting position.
Then repeat the movement, keeping your arms and legs straight.
When the ball reaches the abdomen, it will rise you to the surface so you can breathe. If you are a beginner, keep your head to the surface throughout the exercise.
Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds.

Exercise 4

Stay in the shallow pool area.
Lower your basin in water, simultaneously elevating the feet to the water surface, so that only the tips to be visible on the surface.
Your body should form a wide “V” at the thighs level, and only the head and toes should be visible on the surface.
Keep yourself in this position, pushing the water with your hands in circular motions.
Keep the position for 30 seconds.
If your toes are no longer seen on the surface, widens the V’s angle and tighten abs.

Exercise 5

Stand facing the edge of the pool and keep up with your hands from the edge or the bar support.
Stretch your legs back, close to the surface.
Keep your feet, perfectly straight, and hit the water with power (like a dolphin), so you can make waves on the surface.
The movement you do should involve the whole body, not just legs.
Perform exercise for 30 seconds, but if you can’t resist that, separate your legs and move them all up and down.

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