Lose weight in a fun way: Aqua Gym

Aqua Gym helps you discover the sensation of comfort in a stress-free environment, where you will have plenty of moments in which you will feel completely disconnected from everyday reality.

It has been proven over time that physical exercises made in water represent one of the healthiest and efficient method to stay fit, being recommended even to athletes or fitness enthusiasts, who wish to look and feel wonderful. This type of fitness can be practiced by everyone, without any risk (including the category of pregnant women or elderly people).

Aqua Gym

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Aqua Gym does not require any swimming lessons. You don’t need to know how to swim or spend money on swimming classes. If you like doing sport and the traditional aerobic classes bore you, you will discover how fun it is to try the same movements in water, listening to your favorite tunes. If you care about the way you look or you are just a fan of sports, try something different and do the same exercises in your fitness routine with pleasure and without any effort.

Aqua Gym has become more and more popular, especially among women, as it involves less physical effort than a classic aerobic class. Aqua Gym classes represent more than just splashing in the pool or swimming along it.

Why should you do Aqua Gym?

  • It is recommended to people who wish to lose weight and cannot do any other type of sports as they could develop severe heart diseases.
  • It is perfect for people who have never practiced sport and who have been very sedentary.
  • Aqua gym is very effective for those who wish to stay up in shape.
  • It is a great method of getting rid of cellulite forever.
  • In addition, the water heated to a temperature of 30 degrees helps relieving the tension and pain in your muscles and also participates in the process of eliminating the accumulated fluids in the body, through the mechanical action of water.

What do you need when you decide to try aqua gym?


Firstly, you must forget about your age and leave all your worries and problems in the locker room. Then, you will surely need a bathing suit and a towel. Other things you will have to bring to the pool are a positive attitude, the desire to feel better, to have fun and a considerable amount of stress which you will have to give in exchange for a session of relaxation and fun.

Aqua Gym Advantages


Aqua gym has amazing benefits. If during normal fitness activities your joints and muscles are exposed to a great pressure and risks of injuries, aqua gym classes present a very low rate for such unpleasant events. Why? Because water diminishes your body weight by maximum 85% (depending on its depth), so the stress on your joints is less salient and the natural resistance of water ensures you of the success of your training.

Aqua gym classes can improve the blood circulation, the activity of your respiratory system, strengthen your muscles and make you lose weight in a very short period of time without much effort. They represent exciting combinations of gymnastics, dance, swimming, martial arts and yoga.

Practicing aqua gym is very pleasant and refreshing way to spend several hours every day with your friends at the pool, shaping and filling your entire body with energy.

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