Do Toning Shoes Actually Work?

You might have heard about the toning shoes, which apparently help you burn more calories, and look better. These types of shoes were first created for people who have ankle problems, and for the ones who suffer of diabetes.

However, in time, they started to be sold as toning shoes. These shoes have a much curved sole, and because of this, it is harder to walk on them. According to the ones who make them, the fact that it is harder to walk on them, makes it easier to lose weight.

Toning Shoes: Muscles are Engaged when wearing them

Because of the curvature of the sole, certain muscles which we do not normally use when we walk become active. This apparently leads to weight loss. This is what the makers of the shoes say, but the experts say something else.

According to the experts, none of these so-called toning shoes actually help people lose more weight. They do not make you more fit, improve your muscle tone and strength either.

The toning shoes are similar to the devices or programs you can find on infomercials, as they promise fast solutions.

Like many of those products, the toning shoes fail to deliver what they promise. Scientists conducted an experiment on 24 women with ages between 19 and 25. 12 of them were asked to walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes while wearing toning shoes, whereas the other 12 were asked to walk with regular shoes.

There was no difference whatsoever between the two groups. Both of the groups lost the same amount of calories.

Many people believe that the shoes actually work, because they develop soreness in many muscles. The reason why the soreness occurs is because of the sole design of the shoes.

The experts state that the only reason why those shoes are good is because people, who wear them, walk for longer periods of time, as they actually believe that they will lose weight thanks to them.

Toning Shoes: The Majority of Opinions are Negative

The makers of these shoes state that the shoes actually work; and that people burn more calories when they wear them because they make more effort when they walk. Doctors have stated that the shoes can be good for people who have heel pains.

They recommend using them for very brief periods of time at first, then slowly increasing the period. The reality is that there are mixed opinions about these shoes, most of them being negative.

Most of the people say that these shoes aren’t better than the regular shoes. They do not lead to more calories being burnt, they do not help with musculature of the body.

One thing they are useful for is the fact that they improve the position of the body. Since they are unstable, people need to pay more attention to their postures while they walk, so they keep their backs straighter than with regular shoes.

However, the toning shoes might lead to joint problems, so it seems that it would be better not to wear them, for obvious reasons.

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