Tips to get treadmill and elliptical repaired

Elliptical machines and treadmills, both are great addition to home gym machines. Elliptical machines allow you to perform aerobic workout and stimulates some of the movements that are involved in cycling and walking. Treadmill on the other hand is a great option for cardiovascular workout. However, both of these are machines and they can run into problems like all other machines. Here are few tips that would help you to repair some common problems in your best treadmill and elliptical machines.


Treadmill Repairing tips –

  • Erratic Speed: Check the manual for the speed setting and set it as per instructions mentioned in the manual. Turn on the machine but do not start working out. Observe to see if the belt has any problems. If there is, you might need to replace the belt. If the treadmill shuts down, then there might be a problem with the motor.
  • Slipping belt: Align and make the belt tight if you experience a slipping sensation while running. Belts slip when it is too tight or there is a lot of friction. Lift the belt to the centre to see if it is too tight. Ideally, there should be a gap to 2-3 inches.
  • No Display: Check the visible wires and power chord. Crimped chords and dead batteries should be replaced.
  • Burning Smell: Turn off the machine immediately and unplug it. Immediate professional help is needed.
  • Motor problems: This can be really costly and replacement might be required if the motor is not working.
  • Heated Belt: Lubrication would limit the friction and prevent heating of the belt


Elliptical machines repairing tips –

  • Drive Belt: First you need to remove the bolts and screws that secure the pedal ends with the crank ankles. Now slide the ends off the ankles and remove any other screw that secure the right and left disc shield with the unit’s base. Pull the shield and keep them aside. Locate the drive belt by examining the interior of the unit’s base. Now pull the drive belt off all the pulleys and replace it with a new one.
  • Lubrication: Apply machine grease on top the crank ankles after detaching them from the pedals. Do the same with axles present on the swing arms by first removing the bolts and detaching the pedals from the swing arms. Also apply grease on the axles by detaching the swing arms from the elliptical’s upright.
  • Console: Remove any screw securing the console of the proform elliptical and make sure that the connections of the cable are secure. Install a new set of batteries and replace the cover as well. Inspect the flywheel and it turns and locate its magnet. Remove and replace right, left and side disc shields. Loosen the screw after turning the flywheel so that the magnet moves to the front of the reed switch, the screw that secures this switch. Rotate it to reduce the gap and tighten it.

The solutions mentioned above are not always easy and many a times, you might require professional help.

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