Three Outdoor Activities to Help Keep Fit

If you’re trying to achieve two goals simultaneously, including both the goal of spending more time outside, and the goal of staying more physically fit and active, any of the following activities can be a lifesaver for you. After all, there are few places better for training one’s body than the open outdoors, as it’s much better than spending that time stuffed up in a gym for hours on end. Here are Three Outdoor Activities to Help Keep Fit:

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Outdoor activities

1. Paintball

Playing paintball is one of the best ways to get outside and keep active at the same time. Unlike many other physically extensive activities, paintball doesn’t feel like a pre-planned sporting event because it doesn’t follow the traditional mechanics of soccer or baseball. This can make players feel less like active participants in a fitness routine than as people just rollicking around with friends having a good time. If you want to make paintball into a more exercise-laden activity, try playing out in an open field, where sprinting and repeated movement are more common than in stealthier versions of the game, such as Woodsball. The only things you need to get fit with paintball are a paintball gun, safety gear, and ammo.

2. Pick-Up Soccer

If you want something more mainstream than playing paintball, or perhaps just because you have an aversion to guns of any kind, you can always play a pick-up game of soccer. While the game is more formal than paintball, it involves just as much, if not more, running and it’s a game so many people have played that most can just pick up and go, even if they’re not the most skilled of the group. If you want to maintain an aerobic routine, however, try to stay in offensive positions and avoid being pulled to play the goalie, as that will involve too much standing around on your part and not get that active heart rate up enough.

3. Frisbee

Tossing the Frisbee around may not seem like a very challenging task, and it isn’t if you and a friend simply stand straight across from one another and barely move while passing the disk along. If you want to stay active, though, throwing around a Frisbee can be a great workout. The big change you’ll need to make is moving from passive passing to active chasing of the Frisbee, and the more people you get involved in the game, the more active you’ll tend to stay.


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