Swim To get a Better Body

If you want to improve your fitness and cardiovascular levels, you could try swimming. There are many people who love to swim, and who cannot stand jogging, riding a bike, and other similar activities. Swimming is one of the best exercises people can do in order to improve the condition of their bodies.

Swimming is excellent for the ones who like the activity, and for the ones who have medical problems which prevent them from performing activities such as running.

Swimming: One of the Best Workouts You can Do

Swimming is considered to be one of the best workouts because of the low-impact effects it has on the body. Minimal stress is placed on the joints when people run, and the cardiovascular improvement created by swimming lowers cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure.

In 30 minutes, a 150 pound woman burns around 230 calories through swimming. Swimming is also excellent when it comes to toning most parts of the body. The reason for that is the resistance of the water, which makes us, work harder with each stroke. The most important thing is just to get into the water, and to start moving. Your body will benefit from the movement.

Not all the swimming workouts are similar. The way in which the water routine is structured, and the strokes you perform, makes a huge difference. In the majority of the cases, the beginners perform the sidestroke and the backstroke. The reason for that is the fact that they are easier to perform and breathing underwater is not required. The more experience swimmers usually choose the freestyle strokes and the butterfly.

Master the Breathing Technique

Breathing is the most difficult thing to learn when swimming. According to the experts, the easiest way to master breathing is to go in the area where the water has the smallest level, put the face in the water, exhale through the nose and mouth, lift the face out of the water, and inhale. We should practice this until breathing becomes something natural. In case you decide to practice swimming, you will need certain items.

A swim cap is a must, because it reduces the drag in the water. On top of that, it protects your hair against the chemicals which might be in the water. In case you want to keep your eyes opened while you swim, you will need goggles. They will protect your eye against inflammation and irritation. If the pool is outdoors, choose lenses with UV protection. If it is indoors, transparent lenses are better.

You should also take a water bottle with you, because the body sweats even when it is in the water. It is important to keep yourself hydrated at all times. In case the swimming pool is outdoors, then it is important to wear sunscreen.

As already mentioned, the most important thing is to get in the water, and worry about your swimming style later. Do not push yourself too much. If you can only do 3 laps, do not attempt to do ten. Keep it simple at first.

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