Keep in shape with Swiss ball exercises

Today you will learn how effective Swiss ball exercises are. The Swiss ball, also called inflatable ball, is increasingly used in trainings all over the world.

Swiss ball exercises – Why so famous?

At a first view, this ball does not tell you anything: it seems to be just a big rubber ball that cannot be used in any sport (football, volleyball, even swimming) because of its dimension and structure. However, if you get to know it a little better, you will see that this is a very useful instrument for your fitness sessions; and once you get to use it, you will love it, as the ball helps you tone your muscles and also it offers many moments of pleasure and fun to its user.

Swiss ball exercises

Swiss ball exercises

How to try Swiss ball exercises?

In stores you will find Swiss balls of different sizes – between 35 and 85 cm in diameter. Choose one suitable for your height. The ball is made of soft, elastic PVC and can be inflated with a pump (electric or manual) A Swiss ball can sustain a maximum weight of 200 – 250 killogrames.

The Swiss ball exercises stimulate your body muscles in a greater degree than when you exercise on a fixed plan, due to rotation and stretching movements.

Moreover, a training in which you use a Swiss ball involves the action of more muscles than usual, as it induces a degree of instability and your body responds by contracting its muscles to regain balance.

Besides its use for fitness training, the Swiss balls are also utilized in recovery treatments and by pregnant women during labor. At home or at the office, it can be used as a chair, helping you to maintain a correct posture and toning the abdominal muscles and the lower back.

Here are some exercises you can try doing with the inflatable ball:

Swiss ball exercises for abs:

Do four series of 10 push ups by sustaining your feet on the Swiss ball. Then, being in the same position, try to rotate your hips moving the ball with your feet.

Swiss ball exercises for thighs and buttocks:

Stay on your knees and put your hands on the ball. Now support all your body weight on the ball, by lying on it and extending your legs as much as possible. Do 4 series of 15 such exercises.

Find a clear wall in your house. Sustain the exercise ball between your back and the wall. In this position start doing genuflection. You must do at least 3 series of ten such exercises.

Try to maintain a straight posture and also do not permit the slipping of the ball. This is another good and simple exercise that will work your thighs and buttocks

Swiss ball exercises for lumbar muscles:

Lye on your stomach; sustain your body on the exercise ball. Put the palms on your backhead. During this exercise you must always look upwards. Now try to lift the superior part of your body (head and back) as much as you can. Do 4 series of 10 exercises each.

You can also use your imagination and create a personalized training with your inflatable exercise ball. The Swiss ball should never become just a piece of “furniture” in your house – use it as much as you can!

Try to lose weight in a fun way! That’s the main idea for Swiss ball exercises.

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