Sexy in Jeans – Best Exercises

Who does not wish to look sexy in jeans? Well, twenty minutes of exercises, which must be done as often as possible – every day if you can and at least three times a week – can help you obtain the sexy body you have always dreamed of.

how to look sexy in jeans

Sexy in jeans

Sexy in Jeans – Best Exercises

Here are eight simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home.

1. Genuflections, which are actually very effective, are not sufficient to make you feel and look sexy. You must improve these exercises by alternating the genuflections with one jump – to make your muscles work harder. Moreover, add feints for both legs, maintaining your body a few seconds in each position and repeating the movements 12-20 times.

2. The second exercise requires a straight posture having the legs apart, with the toes trended outwards. Slightly bend your knees and lower the body, maintaining the straight position of your back and try to make 12 small steps forward and then 12 steps back. Do three series of this exercise.

3. Lean forward so that you can touch your heels with the palms. Stand up and jump fast as high as you can. Repeat this exercise ten times.

4. Do a lunge forward with your left leg until the bent knee forms a 90 degrees angle. Jump and change the position of your legs, landing with the right foot forward, in order to do a lunge. Continue the exercise alternating the legs. Repeat these movements 10 times for each leg.

5. Stand straight, having the legs slightly apart. Put all your body weight on the left leg and lift the right leg backwards. Extend your arms forward. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise 5 times, by alternating legs.

6. On your knees, with the palms on the floor, lift and extend backwards the right leg. Swing it upright, without touching the ground 16 times. Return to the starting position and continue the exercise with the other leg.

7. Lying on your left side, with the left leg bent at a 90 degrees angle, the knee being on the ground and the right leg stretched – swing the right leg up and down 16 times, without touching the ground. Do the same movement with the other leg.

8. Lying on your left side, with the right leg bent and the foot on the ground, stretch the left leg. In this position, swing up and down the left leg, doing 16 such movements. Repeat the exercise with the right leg.

Sexy in Jeans  – Relaxation

Sit on the floor with the knees bent towards your chest, arms crossed on your knees and the forehead resting on the arms. Relax!

The order of these exercises can be changed according to your wishes. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Also, this set of exercises can be done in every moment of the day. Although they might seem simple, they require a lot of effort.

However, you should try them in order to obtain the firm thighs and buttocks you have always wanted.

Don’t forget to combine these simple exercises with a healthy and balanced diet, rich in protein. Each one of these will help you look sexy in jeans in no time!

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