Review: Playing Wii Fit Keeps you Fit?

It is very important to exercise and to be active, regardless of the way in which you do it. Nowadays, there are many people, especially women who use Wii Fit in order to stay fit.

In order to use the Wii Fit games, you need to insert your date of birth, sex, height, and to activate the balance board in order to get your weight measured. The Wii console does not measure the BMI, so even if you have lots of muscles and little fat, it will consider you overweight.

Wii Fit: the more you Play, The Harder it Gets

The majority of the Wii exercises are based on core movement and because of this most of the required moves are slow and controlled. Many of them require lots of balance, which according to experts, does not improve the fitness level at all.

Playing Wii Fit Games

Review: Wii Fit

Wii Fit has exercises such as strength training, aerobics and yoga. Each of the categories has certain mini games, and the more you play, the more games you can unlock. For example if you choose strength training, you have the option of selecting torso twists, single leg extensions, push-ups, and jackknives.

The balance board does not tell you if you do them in the right manner, it can only count the repetitions. That is not the case with the yoga exercises, as the board can measure the positions you are in, and it offers suggestions regarding the way in which you can improve the pose.

With aerobics, you can either hula-hoop, or run in place. These exercises will not make you sweat, but the more games you unlock, the harder it will be to perform the activity.

You can see the way in which you are supposed to do the exercises, as a virtual trainer performs them on screen, before you have to do it. The trainer makes suggestions, and encourages you to perform harder. Each day the console will keep track of the time spent in the game, but it does not calculate the calories, which can be a problem.

Do Not Rely Strictly on Wii Fit to get Fitter

The purpose of Wii Fit, according to Nintendo, is to allow people to play a game which combines exercising with entertainment. Sedentary people will benefit from the game, the ones who are physically active won’t.

Wii Fit is not supposed to replace going to the gym, or going for a run. When it comes to calories, Wii tennis burns 5 calories per minute. A real tennis game burns 8 calories per minute, which is almost twice.

Wii golf burns 3 per minutes, whereas playing golf in real life burns around 6. Wii boxing burns the most calories, around 7 calories per minute, in comparison to 10 from a real life sparring.

According to the experts, Wii Fit should not replace regular exercises, whether if they are related to strength training or cardiovascular improvement.

Wii Fit is a great way of spending some time, and stay active, but it will not lead to massive weight loss and muscle development.

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