Reshape your body with Pilates

Pilates helps you define your shapes and look exactly as you want. Important is for you to want it!

There is no need to turn to surgery to reshape your body. You can do it with Pilates exercises, targeting each muscle group separately. A more “curved” posterior and a flat stomach without fat. If this is your goal, like many women, turn to an exercise program that addresses the muscle groups in areas that interest you.

Pilates method train your body in a harmonious and intelligent way. All the exercises are designed to work in the same time specific selected areas, but also the whole body. The movements are slow, and workout series are short. A session includes several different movements,” said Cori Gramesco, Pilates instructor.

Buttocks Exercises

Exercise 1

Stand straight and hold a weight (about 2 kg) in our hands, between your legs.
Stand with legs slightly apart at a distance slightly greater than the one between the shoulders.

Bend both knees as much as possible without lowering your butt back.
While you bend your knees, keep your torso straight, instead to straighten it in front.

Return to the starting position, then repeat the movement 10 times.
If you are a beginner, make the exercise without weights.

Exercise 2

Keep your palms and knees on the floor, with palms at the shoulders level and knees at the thighs level.

Keeping the leg and knee bent at 90 degrees, raise leg in the air, until the thigh is parallel to the floor.
Keep the leg bent and move it towards the floor until you almost touch it.

Repeat movement several times for each leg.

Thigh Exercises

Exercise 1

Lie on your side with the bottom arm (for ex. left) extended out and your head resting on it.

Support the right palm in front of you on the floor.
Lift your right leg to the thighs level.
Keep the leg stretched during movement and try to move just the leg without moving torso.

Repeat several times for each leg.

Exercise 2

Stay at a short distance from a chair with backrest.
Lean forward, supporting palms on the backrest.

With right leg slightly bent, raise the left leg behind you, until it gets to be parallel with the floor.
Keep the abs tight and torso straight.
Keep the leg raised for a few seconds at the highest position, then bring it to the floor.

Repeat movement for other leg.

Abs exercises

Exercise 1

Lie down on one side with a hand under the shoulder and the palm on the floor, fingers pointing forward.
Put legs over each other.

Tighten your abs and lift up so that you support on palm and feet.
Your body should be in the erect posture.
Stay in the “suspended ” position until count to three, then lower.

Repeat movement for both sides of the body.

Exercise 2

Stay lying on your back with knees bent.

Stretch one arm sideways on the floor, so to form a 90 degree angle with the body.
Put your other hand under head.
Lift your torso, at oblique direction, directing the right shoulder towards your left knee.

Focus on the abdominal muscles, trying to make slow, but correct moves.

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