Replace Your Routine with Trendy Exercises

Why not learn some trendy exercises? In case you got bored with your exercise routine, you are in luck, because new routines appear very often. You can try them, see if you like them, and if they are useful.

Many of the new types of exercises, are suitable for both men and women.

Trendy Exercises

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Try Kangoo Jumps and Airobics for Cardio Improvement

Airobics is one of these trendy exercises. Just as its name suggest, it is a combination between aerobics and jumping, more precisely is breaking a sweat on the trampoline. It is said that it is an excellent way of burning calories and of having fun in the same time.

Another very popular type of training is the ViPR Whole Body Movement. This exercise type which increases your vitality, performance, and reconditioning involves a 40- or 48-inch rubber tube, available in various weights.

The main advantage of the ViPR training is the fact that it mimics every day movements, such as lifting, twisting, and so on.

Many trainers now state that in order to benefit the most from exercising, we need to create muscle confusion. This means that we shouldn’t do the same exercises over and over again, because then, progress will not take place.

We need to switch the exercises very often. We can do that with the aid of two of the most popular training programs: P90X and Insanity. You should know that unlike many other training programs, these ones are actually hard, and they do not promise instant results.

If you want to do low impact cardio, then maybe Kangoo Jumps should be your choice. Kangoo Jumps involve boots with springs on the soles, and they are beneficial for people with joint problems, as they take some of the tension away.

You can jog, jump, do various types of cardio exercises with these shoes. Another type of cardio exercise which is becoming very popular is the pole dancing. You will increase your abs, butt, and thigh muscles while burning lots of calories.

Do Shadowboxing and Run Barefoot for Extra Challenge

If you want to get in shape, but lack time, then the cross-fit training should be your choice. The advantage is that a session doesn’t last very long.

The disadvantage is that cross-fit training is really challenging. You will have to combine various types of exercises, such as squats, running, gymnastic rings, weight lifting, and many others.

If you want to combine working out with a sport, then the experts recommend boxing. Do not worry, hitting will not be involved, or at least not between boxers. Shadowboxing, or hitting the boxing bag burns lots of calories, and it can improve mental agility and eye-hand coordination. You should try to protect your knuckles and your wrist if you want to hit the gym bag.

Running is very popular, but more recently, people use barefoot-style shoes, which do not cause damage on the body. When we run barefoot, the foot lands in a different manner than when we run with shoes. The barefoot running style is the way to go if you want to prevent injuries. Try these Trendy Exercises today!

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