Qigong Exercises for Children

Pain and other health problems can result from blockage of chi energy, according to ancient Chinese philosophy. Qigong exercises focus on breathing and free movement. Qigong exercises are designed to increase the flow of chi energy through the body of a person. Even children can do qigong movements with their parents daily. The movements are not strenuous and children can easily follow the instructions.


Autumn breeze

This exercise strengthens the back and neck muscles and can remove the stress of everyday life. Stand with feet parallel and look forward, with the chin slightly bent, while keeping your arms straight and knees slightly bent. Inhale and stretch the right arm, elbow bent away from the waist, with left palm toward the ground.

Breathe deeply towards you left and turn slightly towards in direction before turning the right palm to the ground. Then slowly rotate to your right and turn the left palm to the ground, and the right palm outward.

Abdominal breathing

Many people practice chest breathing, according to specialists in acupuncture. Abdominal breathing can help children eliminate negative energy.

To begin, stand with your feet together, place your hand about 3 inches below the navel and the other hand on the belly .Open your mouth and try to free your mind of thoughts. Push the abdomen with the hands, making sure to not inhale and hold for 2 seconds. Then release the hands, exhale and hold the position for 2 seconds. After you have completed 10 repetitions, place your hands at your sides and stand up motionless for 5 minutes.

The “eagle stretches its wings” exercise

Children can mimic the movements of an eagle to improve balance and cleanse the lungs of stale air by doing this exercise. Stand with feet together and facing forward with the chin in the chest and arms hanging at your sides.

Inhale while lifting the arms to the sides, palms rose, pointing outwards. Exhale and bend your waist slightly while bringing arms to the starting position. Breathe easy back then arch your body while lifting the arms again. Return to the starting position to mark the end of a repetition.

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