Push Yourself to the Maximum to Benefit From Exercising

Exercising should be fun, but there is a limit to the fun you should have while you are exercising. If you talk on the phone or with someone else while you run on the treadmill, then you will not see results. If you are going at the gym on a constant basis, and you do not see results, then maybe the way in which you train is to blame.

The exercises you do, or the intensity at which you perform them, might not be enough. However, you can easily change that, and the results will most likely appear.

Run at a High Intensity to See Results

Many people, who run, do it at a low intensity. They run for 30 or 40 minutes, but they do not see any results whatsoever. The reason for that, experts say, is because of the intensity.

According to recent researches, it is better to run for a shorter period of time at a higher intensity, than to run for a longer period of time at a lower intensity. This means that sprinting is much better than marathon running. Try to combine sprinting with running at a low intensity for the maximum results.

Another way in which you can make sure that you train in the proper manner is to get a person trainer. People who have a personal trainer have higher chances of working out at full intensity, than the ones who aren’t supervised.

A person trainer can be intimidating, or the simple fact that someone is looking at the way in which you train can make you work harder. A personal trainer will know how to mix the exercises in the proper manner, in order to get the most from the exercises.

You need to tell your trainer what you want to achieve. For example you might be interested in losing fat, or you might want to add muscle mass. Based on your goals, he will know what exercises to prepare for you.

Make sure that the trainer is registered, and also that the first class is free. There might be cases when you do not like the way in which he trains, and if that happens, you will not want to be forced to pay him.

Lift Heavier Weights to Progress

In case you do not want to pay a personal trainer, then you can buy a heart monitor. It will allow you to see if you work at the proper intensity. In many cases people believe that they are working very hard, when they aren’t. A heart rate monitor will not allow you to make that mistake, because you will constantly see how hard you work out.

Women could also lift heavier weights in order to see results. There is the misconception that lifting heavier weights will make a woman look like a steroid freak, but that is not true. Natural bodybuilders invest years in training and proper diet in order to achieve the desired body. Lifting heavier weights will not bulk-up a woman.

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