Plyometrics: Jump To Get Fit

One of the most popular types of exercises nowadays is plyometrics, or jump training as it is also known. The main task of plyometrics is to increase explosiveness and muscular power. It is very popular amongst people of all ages.

What is Plyometrics more exactly?

Plyometrics is based on dynamic resistance exercises which stretch muscles and then shorten them. These actions will strengthen the muscles, will increase the force of the joints, and will increase the vertical jump.

Many professional athletes rely on plyometrics in order to stay fit, because it mimics the motions used in many sports, such as tennis, football, basketball, skiing, and others. There are many amateurs who stay fit with the aid of plyometrics as well.

Plyometrics was first developed in the 1970s in the former East Germany, and it is based on the assumption that the stretch-shortening cycles improve the muscular contraction. However, plyometrics is also associated with a higher risk of sustaining injuries, than other types of training exercises.

In order to do plyometrics, it is very important to consult a doctor first. As in the case of other exercises, it is important to start from the beginning, with baby steps, and to add more difficult exercises in time.

Plyometrics: Jump To Get Fit

Plyometrics: Jump to get fit

Plyometrics is very useful for women, as it increases their strength without the requirement of using weights. There are numerous drills people can choose from, and numerous exercises people can use. Exercises can range from ground level jumping on soft surfaces, to jumping over obstacles.

Plyometrics has benefits, but could also have side effects

Plyometrics has numerous benefits. One of the main benefits of plyometrics is the fact that it increases one’s cardio resistance. You will get fit with the aid of plyometrics. Since plyometrics involves lots of jumping, the leg strength will get increased as well.

The balance, acceleration, and the agility will benefit from doing plyometrics. In younger participants, the bone density will get increased from plyometrics. Since, it consumes lots of calories, plyometrics is an excellent way if losing weight, or of keeping it under control.

Plyometrics also increases the muscles and reduces the impact on the joints. As a result, people will have lower chances of injury, especially in the case of women who play sports. In case you like to play sports, then plyometrics could help you prevent injuries, especially knee ones.

However, plyometrics can also cause injuries, especially if you are in a very poor physical condition. In case you want to try plyometrics, you should make sure that you do not have joint problems, and that it is alright for you to do these exercises.

It is extremely important to have the proper form and technique when you do plyometric exercises. If you are a beginner you should be under the supervision of an expert. He/she should make sure that you do the jumps in the proper manner, but more importantly, that you land in the proper manner.

The more complex exercises should be introduced in time, when the body is adjusted to the impact of the jumps.

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