Newbie’s Guide – TAE BO

Today we are presenting: A NEWBIE’S GUIDE TO TAE BO

For several years now, fitness and aerobics have become obsolete for those who work hard wishing to look good and to maintain their health. Instead, an activity with an Asian-sounding name has become really popular: Tae bo.

I wouldn’t consider it a form of martial arts, but still, it originates in kickboxing, being developed and extensively promoted by Billy Blanks. „Tae” means „foot” in Korean language and „bo” is the contraction for „box”.

On the one hand, to those who are lazy and usually remiss, Tae bo seems a really exhosting and in the same time, full of energy sport. Many leg lifting exercises, many elements of stretching, jumping – reminding us of that period of our childhood when we tried to repeat the movements of Jackie Chan.

In other words, if you don’t like jazzexercise, fast movements or you wish to keep your makeup intact and not to sweat a lot, then Taebo is not for you. For each “hit” you need power and passion.

tae bo workout

Girls doing Tae Bo

Moreover, you must take in consideration the fact that a Taebo session lasts approximately 50 minutes, without any break.

However, Tae bo is full of advantages. You don’t have to do 400 crunches or 500 squats and pushups – workouts, which sometimes can be really boring and exhausting. Tae bo, on the other hand, is not monotonous at all. Each series of movements tends to resemble to a dance, and if you have a really good instructor, the workout will work all your muscles.

Tae bo combines aerobics with cardio exercises, which leads to burning calories more quickly, and if your goal is to lose weight, the process will begin faster than in the case of other types of training.

Provided you work regularly, after two or three weeks, you will notice that your muscles are well defined and that you can climb 300 stairs easily! Therefore, your endurance will increase significantly, as well as your blood circulation.

It is said that one hour of Tae bo makes you lose twice the calories you can burn in one hour of traditional aerobics exercises.

The fact that the workout pace follows a track, makes the training more interesting. When every activity seems to be part of a dance, time flows much faster.

If you decide to take up a course of Tae bo, I would advise you to go to a gym. I know that it seems easier to buy some DVDs and do everything at home, but believe me, the effort will be twofold.

At the gym, it helps seeing others doing the same movements and the fact that you have scheduled a session at a specified time won’t let you to put it off – as you are tempted to do at home, where there are many things that could distract you.

billy blanks tae bo workout

Girls doing Tae Bo

You must be warned that Tae bo can be extremely demanding for sedentary people. If the only exercise you do is walking from your office to the coffee machine, then I suggest you do at least two weeks of aerobics or any other type of workout, before starting the Tae bo sessions.

At the beginning you will find it hard to keep the pace with the others. There’s no shame in taking short beaks of 10-15 seconds during the training. Do not struggle to keep up with the instructor as you won’t succeed it at first. However, you should not give up.

First look and then try to imitate the movement. It is more important to do one correct exercise than five done incorrectly.

You should never discourage yourself! After two weeks of training you will be happier and proud of yourself.

I know that this might sound as a cliché, but the most important advantage of Tae bo is the extra energy and joyful feelings it releases.

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