Natural Anabolics – BCAA

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which are leucine, valine and isoleucine are anabolic supplements that increase muscle strength. They govern the use of proteins in the body and perform a unique role in muscle protein metabolism. While the rest of the amino acids are destroyed in the liver, the branched chain are oxidized in peripheral muscles. BCAA is the main source of calories for the muscular system.

Strenuous exercise cause quick elimination of nitrogen excretion, which causes reduction of the protein synthesis in muscle. Branched-chain amino acids limit this discount.

During intense exercise, such as those of weightlifters or bodybuilders, strong stress of muscles may cause failure (catabolism). Branched-chain amino acids prevent catabolism, providing reversible process. They are, in other words, anabolic because they build muscle tissue.

Advantages of branched chain amino acids:
– reduce the appetite while maintaining constant protein level in the body;
– 50% of the ingested BCAA reach muscles commence within one hour, and full dose after two hours;
BCAA produce glycogen and this balance the insulin secretion;
– directly affect changes in weight distribution ensuring harmonious muscle.

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