Lose Weight with Jennifer Aniston and Mandy Ingber

Although over 40 years old, Jennifer Aniston represents a model in the Silhouette department, for women of any age. The star from “Friends” looks sensational and is a good example of celebrity that maintains weight through exercises.

The secret of eternal youth is regularly practicing yoga sessions. Mandy Ingber, yoga instructor of Jennifer Aniston is the one who helps the actress to keep in shape.

Try to Lose Weight With Jennifer Aniston Yoga routines by Mandy Ingber. Warning! Before you start training, do some warm-up exercises to prepare the muscles.

1. Butterfly Position

In the seating position, on the mat, join feet. Catch feet with your hands. Inhale, exhale deeply, stretch the back and lift your head towards the ceiling.

Try to keep the hips as close to the floor. Breathe deeply for 5-10 times and return to starting position.

This position relaxes and tones the buttocks, pelvic muscles and improves blood circulation.

2. Bridge Position

From the supine position (facing up) raise your knees and slightly bent the back and abdomen, leaving the hands stretched on the mat.

Relax your neck and support on your hands. Take a deep breath 5-10 times in this position and return gradually to the original position.

The position strengthens back muscles and tones buttocks and legs.

3. Tree Position

Standing, with legs close and the hands at your sides, lift the left leg, leaving all the weight on the right. Place the left foot as high as you can on the left thigh. Raise your hands above your head. Maintain the back straight, raise breastbone and stretch palms toward each other.

For balance, relax and concentrate on breathing. Stay in this position while breathing deeply for 5-10 times. Then change the leg.

This technique tones your thighs, legs and back muscles. Relieves symptoms of sciatica and improves balance.

4. Boat Position

Sit with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Bend torso on 45 degrees, chest forward, arms extended at the chest level, with your palms facing up and legs raised.

Breathe 5-10 times and return to starting position.

Position is recommended for working the back muscles, buttocks and toning legs.

5. Chair Position

Stand with legs close and raise arms overhead with palms facing towards each other. As when you sit on a chair, bend knees.

Stay in this position while breathing deeply for 5-10 times.

It will help you strengthen your butt muscles.

Mandy Ingber Yoga instructor for Jennifer Aniston:

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