Jazzercise: Dance to Get Fitter and Healthier

In case you want to stay fit in an unconventional manner, you should choose dancing. It doesn’t matter what type of dance you like: ballroom, hip hop, salsa, each type is useful for the body.

Almost any type of dance style burns calories, tones muscles and helps your heart rate. On top of that, dancing is good for joint stability and balance. The main advantage of staying fit through dancing is the fact that it does not feel like a burden.

What is Jazzercise

People dance because they like it, and on top of that, they burn calories and stay fit as well. People can do it in their homes; they can just press play and then dance for 30 minutes, one hour, as much as they can.

There are various popular dance styles which people seem to enjoy. Salsa is very popular amongst people, and the main advantage is the fact that it burns lots of calories.

There is also the Jazzercise, which first appeared in 1969, and which is popular nowadays as well.

Jazzercise was created for women, as during those times, there weren’t too many exercises designed for women.

However, in comparison to those years, nowadays Jazzercise is a combination of dancing and Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and so on. There are numerous Jazzercise studios all over the world, and 99 percent of the members are female.

The routines are created in such a manner to increase then decrease the heart rate. In the majority of the cases, the last 20 minutes of the class are used to build strength. Of course, music is very important during the classes, as it gives the participants lots of energy.

Dance to Get Fitter

How to dance and lose weight

In 30 minutes of Jazzercising, a woman can burn up to 280 calories, which is great.

Dancing Is a Great Way to Lose Weight

Anyone can dance, and anyone can lose weight through dancing. It doesn’t matter that you are not great at it;there is no shame in that. You can dance inside your own home, alone, and you would still see the benefits.

In case you do not like actual dancing, you can use a gaming console which might gain your interest. There are numerous types of dance pads you can buy, which will keep you active. Anyone can use them, as they are not very difficult to handle.

If you would dance for one hour each day, you could lose up to 12 pounds (6 kg) in one year. It might not seem too impressive, but given the fact that this weight loss would come from dancing alone, is pretty important.

In case you like a certain style of dance, you should go and take lessons for it. You could also dance at home if you want to.

It is very important to dance if you like it, because it keeps your whole body in motion.

You could also mix up the dancing styles, as each style brings different benefits. Try step dancing with hip hop, that should get your body working.

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