Try The Insanity Workout Program if You are Fit Enough

There are numerous home based workout programs you can use in order to get fit.

The Insanity Workout is one of them. It is a 60 day program created by the company Beach Body, which produces Hip Hop Abs, Power 90, and the famous P90X.

According to the experts, Insanity Workout is currently the most difficult cardiovascular DVD program on the market. The program is a circuit training workout program which uses only the body weight as resistance.

You have to train six days per week, and each session lasts at least 30 minutes. It relies on the Max Interval Training concept, through which you work as hard as possible for 3 minutes, and then you rest for 30 seconds.

During those 3 minutes you will move from exercise to exercise, without any rest. The workout is very difficult, and you will need lots of motivation and willpower.

Insanity Workout Lasts Two Months; Complete Them If You Can

Insanity Workout Program Review

What is the Insanity Workout Program

Each week, the workouts change. During the first month, you will use only five of the workouts from the DVD. Before the beginning of the second month, there is a week which consists of less difficult workouts, designed to develop your core and your balance.

The second month is more difficult than the first one, as it contains more diverse exercises.

The exercises from the second month are longer and more intense than the ones from the first month. The exercises are not difficult to perform, but the pace of the movement, and the number of repetitions, makes Insanity Workout a very difficult program to follow.

You should expect to sweat, and a lot. Even if the program lasts between 30 and 60 minutes per day, it will completely drain you. However, there is the pause button so you can pause the program whenever you want to catch your breath.

Insanity Workout – Not for Beginners

The program is excellent for people who want to lose weight and fat, and who want to have great cardio fitness. The program is great, as it does not require weights or other equipment.

On top of that, it includes a diet plan and a schedule. It is not difficult to follow as long as you are physically capable of doing it. It will not bore you, as the exercises are mixed.

The problem is that the program is not suitable for beginners, as it is too hard for them. If you are a beginner and want to get in shape, then it is best to choose a different program first.

Since the program is home-based, it can be quite difficult to be focused 100 percent on the task. Muscle mass will not increase when using the program, as weights are not included. The price of the program $120, might be too high for some, so this could be an inconvenience.

The experts recommend the program, but a visit to the doctor is recommended prior to starting it. Results will be seen if the program and the diet are followed in the proper manner, and if you are able to finish the program. Is this insanity workout for you?

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