What is Tai Chi Qigong

Tai chi and qigong are two practices that originated in ancient China. In the recent years, more and more people from the West started using these two practices.

They are very relaxing, they are low-impact, and it seems that they might have some important benefits for the body and for the mind, such as improving flexibility, strength, and sleep, reducing pains, increasing the balance, and many others.

Tai Chi and Qigong Have Similar Possible Benefits

Tai Chi involves slow movement, meditation, and deep breathing. Tai Chi is great for all people, regardless of gender and age. There are numerous rumors about the benefits Tai Chi has on the body and mind, none of which have been confirmed though.

Scientific studies have been made on Tai Chi, but the results have been mixed. It is believed that That Chi improves strength and balance.

The side effects of osteoarthritis are also reduced thanks to Tai Chi; the joint stiffness and pain is reduced in people who engage in this activity.

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People, who do Tai Chi, can apparently sleep better, the reason for that being the fact that they are more relaxed. It is also said that Tai Chi can protect people from shingles, a disease which causes blisters and skin rashes.

The way in which Tai Chi can improve the immunity system, if it truly has this potential, is unknown.

Qigong is similar to Tai Chi, as the movements are performed in a similar manner. The movements are slow and circular, and the breathing is regulated. There are different styles of Qigong, each of them with its own benefits.

The purpose of Qigong is to direct the chi into a certain part of the body. It is believed that when the right movements are made, the chi is delivered in certain parts of the body, those parts then benefiting from the energy flow.

It is believed that the chi improves circulations, relaxes the muscles, joints, and tendons, restores health, and has other additional benefits. Just like Tai Chi, Qigong apparently has various health benefits, which have not been proven officially.

No Risks associated with Tai Chi and Qigong

It is said that Qigong has the potential of lowering the high blood pressure in time. People who perform Qigong will not have a very high blood pressure as people who do not perform Qigong have.

People also say that the immune system benefits from Qigong. People who perform 30 minutes of these exercises each day will feel better, and will have an improved immune system.

Qigong also seems to have the potential of reducing the odds of strokes. According to various sources, people who perform these exercises have a 50 percent less chance of having a stroke.

The main advantage of these exercises is the fact that they do not have any risks. Anyone can perform them, as they do not put pressure on the body. They have lots of benefits, or so they say.

The benefits have not been proven, but even so, it is very likely that performing these exercises has more benefits than disadvantages. Try some  tai chi qigong exercises right NOW!

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