How to keep in shape by Cameron Diaz

You probably have some favorite TV stars and always wondered how to stay in shape like them. We will try and bring such special articles on a regular basics, starting today with Cameron Diaz.

Why Cameron Diaz? Because she is an actress for over 16 years, and during this time she seems not changed at all.

Here are the secrets of an actress that looks at 39 years as well as she did on her 20.

Unfortunately, there are no magic tricks to keep you in top form with zero efforts. Cameron Diaz has a particular lifestyle and strives to be so beautiful.

But compared to other stars, she did not fall for starvation and is always looking healthy and fresh.

cameron diaz and justin

What diet Cameron Diaz holds

The actress adopts a low carb diet, therefore rarely eat sweets, bread and other pastries. Her diet is rich in protein.

A menu sample: skinless chicken for breakfast, steaming fish and salad for lunch and lean meat with vegetables for dinner.

At breakfast, if you can not eat chicken, try an omelet with cheese or other foods rich in protein, which guarantee that you’ll not be hungry until noon.

If still hungry between meals, Cameron Diaz always has at her a small tray containing 60% vegetables, 30% meat and 10% cheese.

If you always have on hand such a healthy snack, you won’t be tempted to run at the vending machine after silly snacks.

Even a disciplined woman as Cameron Diaz occasionally makes mistakes.

Her weaknesses include fast food products as she consumes them from time to time.  This type of food requires exercises.

Cardio, three times a WEEK

Cameron Diaz does cardio exercises three times a week, 45 minutes – running, elliptical trainer, etc.

At the end of a workout Cameron does yoga and stretching to have long thin legs and, occasionally, goes to Pilates to have toned muscles.

If you wonder how she has such a sexy back, her secret are squats, made ??with weights of 1-2 pounds in each hand.

In addition, Cameron Diaz does a lot of outdoor sports. If you wonder, her favorite one is surfing but, of course, you can practice jogging, tennis, volleyball – these are fun and do not let you feel tired.

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