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One of the most common excuses used not to exercise is that we don’t have time. I have no time to go to the gym” already become an excuse … expired“. Exercises and physical activity can be done anywhere, it is important to for you to want it.

If you don’t get very often to the gym, the easiest way is to do some Home Fitness Exercises. ¬†Besides enjoying the privacy of your own home, the exercises performed at home are as effective as those at the gym, just do it regularly.

If you want to define your musculature, you should combine the exercises done at the gym with those made at home,” said Flores Opris, fitness and aerobics trainer.

To define your musculature, you need at least three rounds of exercise per week. If you are a beginner, two sessions of exercise are sufficient, at least until you establish a workout routine.

Here are some simple exercises to do at home that can help you keep fit:

Exercise 1

Keep your knees and palms on the floor, positioning your knees and feet slightly apart at a distance equal to that between the hips.
Keep the palms on the floor at a distance equal to the distance between the shoulders.

This exercise requires the simultaneous movement of the hands and feet, so you’re position must be correct, so that your balance will not be affected.
Lift at the same time your right arm and the left leg.
The lifting movement must be quite slow, gradually stretching the leg and arm.

Repeat 10 times, then do the same for left arm and right leg.

Exercise 2

Lie down on the floor face down.
Stretch your arms forward, over your head, palms facing towards each other.

Tighten your abs and lift your legs a few inches above the floor.
Simultaneously, raise your hands at the same distance from the floor as the legs.
Keep hands and legs up for a few seconds, then put them again on the floor.

Perform this exercise several times, but without hurry, without moving your body sideways or arching your back.
To prevent discomfort, avoid very hard surfaces and perform exercises on a mat or carpet.

Exercise 3

Stay on your knees on a exercise mat or a rug, then stretch your legs, standing supported in hands.
Keep your hands slightly further apart at a distance equal to that between the shoulders.

Let your weight slowly on hands, like a regular pushup.
Keep your back straight, so that the spine must be perfectly straight.
As you approach the chest to the floor, lift one leg toward the ceiling, keeping the foot straight.
In the next stage, where your raise your chest off the floor, lower the leg.

Repeat exercise for the other leg.

Exercise 4

Sit with your back on the floor and your knees bent.
Keep your arms straight at your sides, palms fixed on the ground.
Contracting your abdominal muscles and try to keep them tense throughout the exercise.

Rise slowly the butt from the floor, support on hands, pressing on your heels.
Do not raise the bottom too high thus the lower spine is bend more than is necessary.
Stay in this position for several seconds, then sit again on the ground.

Movements are perform slowly to avoid accidents and to make sure the muscles are worked properly.
As you get used to with this type of exercise you can try the version when you stretch one leg while the bottom is up in the air.


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