HCG injection – Extreme weight loss

How did the HCG injection become so famous? Well, when it comes to diets, any person who struggles with extra pounds would be delighted to learn that there is a recipe for losing weight with visible results almost overnight. In the United States of America, the mirage of losing weight has grown very fast in the recent years in the form of the most controversial method – HCG diet.

If at first they were used within small groups, by rich people who wished to lose weight very quickly and without many efforts, the HCG injections containing human hormone came to be on the wish list of more and more people who desired to look good in no time. Moreover, everywhere in the world, there appeared supplements containing HCG hormone. However, experts say that the only way to take advantage of the HCG properties is through injections.

HCG injection

HCG injection

What does the HCG injection represent?

The HCG diet is represented by two clear and difficult principles which require medical supervision: 500 calories per day and a daily HCG injection. This hormone is secreted by pregnant women and provide the necessary nutrients for the correct evolution of the fetus, consuming, if it is necessary, the fat deposits of the future mother.

This explanation made HCG diet to become very popular, as everyone, men and women alike, imagined that this hormone would lead to the dissolution of fat deposits, helping them to lose weight. Many people claim that they have lost weight significantly in a short period of time, but there are also many skeptics.

Another explanation offered by the dealers who promote the HCG hormone injections is that it would cut your appetite, but this is not scientifically proven. From a medical point of view, this diet should not be followed by people with heart or kidney problems.

HCG injection opinion

In the long run, a very restrictive diet, of only 500 calories per day, would harm any human being, no matter how healthy it would be. Since starvation is one of the most important aspect of the HCG injection, the weight loss process will take action in no time, but at what cost? In the first stage, which lasts a month, you can only consume just 500 calories per day represented by vegetables and protein (no diary or carbohydrates) – which, undoubtedly, will unbalance all the functions of your organism.

Moreover, you cannot be a very active person – as 500 calories would not help you jog or complete your daily fitness session. The only way to follow this diet without too many incidents is under the permanent supervision of a specialist.

The use of HCG injections in the process of weight loss has not been officially approved by physicians. However, drops, powder, pills and sprays with HCG are sold in the form of natural treatments.

All in all, you should be properly informed before using such „natural treatments” to make you feel and look better. Maybe the HCG injection does not represent the most healthy or natural method of losing weight.

P.S. Use only sterilized needles if you want to try a HCG injection.

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