Fitness at the Office

Doctors say that the body needs at least five minutes of exercise for every 60 minutes of sitting on a chair. This apparently comfortable position, in front of your desk represents one of the most hazardous postures for your body. It could also be said that sitting can severely damage our health. The solution for at least 8 hours of staying still in front of a computer is called „office fitness”.

office fitness

Fitness at the Office

Fitness at the Office

Sitting on a chair for a long period of time can lead to cardiovascular problems, the appearance of varicose veins and serious deformation of the spine. Statistics have shown that we generally spend at least two hours every day sitting. Therefore, we need to do some physical exercises at the office.

Are you preparing for an important meeting and you know that it will last for at least two hours? Then you should try this exercise. Keep your buttocks on the edge of the chair. Bend your head forward – it would be ideal to reach the knees. Get up slowly until the back of your neck reaches the back of your chair. Combine this movement with another one through which you lift the legs by contracting the abdominal muscles.

You can support your body weight by keeping your hands on the desk.Combine these exercises and repeat each of them for 6-8 times. In this way, a minute will be enough to burn 50 calories and offer the necessary boost the blood circulation needs to function correctly.

One of the greatest problem brought by the prolonged sitting on a chair is back pain. Here is a solution. While sitting at your desk, keep the knees bent, having your feet placed on the floor. Put one foot on the thigh of the other leg.

In this position, keep your back straight, breathe deeply, than lean forward maintaining the straight position of your back. Repeat this movement three times, than switch to the other leg. Obviously, you will have to take off your shoes, especially if you are wearing high heels.

Wearing high heel shoes

You love wearing high heel shoes, don’t you? That’s very nice. On the other hand, high heels are the cause for a lack of mobility in your ankles and also a sharp pain in your knees. You can prevent and also treat these problems if you do, from time to time, some exercises to stretch the muscles of your ankles and the knees.

Imagine that between the first two toes you have a pencil and try to write the alphabet with your foot. Keep the leg lifted so that you can feel your thigh and abdominal muscles contracted. Do this exercise with both legs two or three times every day.

One of the most unpleasant type of back pain is represented by the one felt in the shoulder blades. Most of the times, this annoying pain is the result of an incorrect posture when working on the computer and also, it is a signal that you might have health problems.

The best movement to relief the pain is to stretch your hands above your head and pull back your shoulders. You may also rotate the body while doing this to intensify the vascularization of muscles.

All these simple physical exercises can be done in front of your computer without even getting up from your chair. Why not do them every day?

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