Exercises To Prevent Muscle Pulls

Muscle pulls or strains are very common, and in the same time very painful. In case you ever experienced a muscle pull, you know just how debilitating it can be. A muscle pull can prevent you from going to the gym, or simply from exercising for that matter. A muscle pull is very painful, and besides stopping from going to the gym, a muscle pull can stop you from doing all sorts of basic and simple daily tasks.

What to Do in Case of Muscle Pulls?

The muscle pulls can be easily avoided with the aid of basic exercises and some simple stretched. According to Dr. Vishal Nigam, Consultant for Spine Care at Moolchand Orthopaedics Hospital, a muscle pull can occur even when one does normal activities.

He also stresses that in order to prevent strains, it is very important for the muscles to be kept in the perfect shape. He stated that the muscles can be kept in a toned shape by doing certain exercises on a regular basis. I am going to tell you more about these exercises in what follows.

One of the basic rules you should know is that before you do an exercise, it is extremely important to do a warm-up routine. The warm-up should last between 5 and 10 minutes.

These exercises will improve the blood flow in muscles, and thus, they will be prepared for the exercise routine. Once the warm-up is complete, stretching should be performed. Stretching is just as important because it improves flexibility, and thus it prevents muscle injury.

Muscle Pulls? Stretches, Exercises, then Cool Off

You could so some simple stretches for the upper limbs, such as taking the limbs upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, and so on. You can do this for 15 seconds, and it will work the pectoral, biceps, and triceps muscles. Stretches should be done for the arms, scapula, and neck.

These exercises can be repeated for 5 or 10 times each, until a stretch or pull is felt in the muscle. The back can be stretched in a forward and backward motion. This exercise will work the oblique stretches and the back. The hamstrings can also be worked, lying down or standing.

The chin and chest should be brought in a forward position towards the feet, and the position should be maintained for 10 or 15 seconds.

The stretching exercises should always be followed by the regular exercises. Some great aerobic exercises one could do: jogging, walking, and cycling. Exercises for strength are good as well, such as weight lifting, because they increase the muscle mass. Once the exercises were completed, a stretching and cooling off period should occur.

The neck, arms, back and legs should be stretched gently. This will help with the recovery of the muscles. When the exercises are performed outside, proper gear should be used. This means that one needs to wear proper shoes and clothes, in order to reduce the dangers of injuries.

This is the best way of making sure that you will keep the injuries such as the muscle pulls away.


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