Exercises for a flat stomach

A fat belly always give us trouble. Even if you don’t have especially a problem with weight, fat still makes its place and sits on the abdomen.

A series of simple exercises, but very effective, done regularly, helps to lose stomach fat.

Below you have some of the best exercises for a flat stomach. For the exercises below you will need a weight of 2 kilos, and if you don’t have one, you can use a two-liter bottle of water.

Exercise 1

Sit on your back with legs stretched.

Bend your right knee and raise your right hand to the left thigh, keeping the palm facing down.
Raise your left leg as you stretch your right arm diagonally to your left leg.
Return to starting position.

Repeat this exercise 12 times for each diagonal.

Exercise 2

Stand straight, with legs slightly spread apart.
Keep a water bottle with both hands, in front of torso and abdominal muscles tight.

Stretch your arms overhead.
Raise left knee as you lower your arms so that your knees can touch the water bottle.
Lower your knee and raise again your arms overhead.
Repeat the exercise with your right knee.

Perform 10 repetitions, alternating sides.

Exercise 3

Sit back lying on the floor, legs raised to form a right angle with the torso.
Raise your arms to the ceiling, palms facing inward.

Tighten your abs.
Lower left arm and right leg to the floor without arching your back or to lower your shoulders.
Raise both feet and hand in the air.

Repeat 10 times on each side.

Exercise 4

Keep your legs together, knees bent, and your abdominal muscles tight.
Place palms on the floor, behind you, fingers pointing to the torso.

Lower yourself on the back, supporting your weight on hands and stretch the legs.
Bend your knees again, bend them towards the left side, get them into a right position and lift them to the chest.

Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 5

Raise slowly your left leg, balancing your weight on the right leg.

Tighten your and your abdominal muscles and twist your torso to the left, then to the center and again to the right.
Repeat full rotation 15 times.

Change the support leg and repeat exercise.

Exercise 6

Stay lying on your back, knees bent and the legs slightly spread apart.
Hold water bottle with both hands, arms raised above your head.

Lift the bottle a few inches above the floor.
Very slowly raise your head from the floor, then the back, keeping arms stretched and feet flat on the floor.
Get up until you stay with the back straight, in a sitting position.
Get down again on the floor, slowly.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

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