Exercise When You Are Pregnant To Improve Your Health

In order to feel great while you are pregnant, a little exercising is required. Regular exercising during this period can reduce certain aches and sores, prevent gestational diabetes, reduce stress, and increase your stamina. Flexibility, resistance, and aerobic exercises are allowed during pregnancy, but before you start a routine, talk with your doctor first.

Each body responds differently to exercising, and a routine which is good for someone, might not be good for you.

Try To Limit the Intensity of the Workouts

You should try to limit the intensity at which you exercise. Do low impact aerobics, instead of high impact aerobics. If you were physically active before pregnancy, do not try to exercise at the same intensity. Keep the exercising at 70 percent of the maximal heart rate, as that is the safest limit for your baby.

Unlike previous years, doctors now recommend starting an exercise routine during pregnancy, if you were inactive before. Once again, do not exaggerate with the exercises; try to take it slow.

Certain women cannot exercise during this period. If you suffer of diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or pregnancy conditions, such as low placenta, weak cervix, bleeding, and others. Pregnant women should drink lots of fluids, as it is beneficial for the baby.

You should drink water, before, during, and after you exercise. You should wear clothes and shoes which allow you to perform the exercises with much ease. They should be comfortable, and looks should be the least of your worries. You should never skip the warm-up period, as it is very important.

Many exercises are safe during this period, as long as you do not overdo it. However, if you want to be 100 percent certain that you and your baby are safe, you can use the indoor bicycle, you can swim, take a brief walk, and do low impact aerobics. You can also jog, but try to be very careful, not to fall. Tennis and racquetball are also allowed, but with extreme caution.

Use Stretching, Kegel, and Tailor Exercises to Improve Your Body

Stretching exercises will make the muscles warm, which is very beneficial during the pregnancy period. You can stretch all parts of your body, in order to feel good overall. Another type of exercises you can do are the Kegel ones. These exercises will help you strengthen the muscles which control the bladder, uterus, and bowels.

These exercises will help you during labor, as it will allow you to “push”, much easier. You should do 5 sets of Kegel exercises each day. In order to do them, you should contract the muscles which you use when you try to stop urinating.

Tailor exercises are also beneficial for the back. In order to do them you need to sit with your legs crossed, the back should be straight and relaxed. You should use this position as often as you can each day. It will prevent back pains. You should avoid doing exercises which have a high fall risk, or which involve body contact.

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