Exercise Together With Your Child to be Healthy

According to experts, children need at least one hour of exercising each day in order to be healthy.

However, there are many children who exercise less than one hour, and the main reason for that is the fact that they have access to many entertainment gadgets, such as video game consoles, computers, TV, and so on.

Limit Your Child’s Time In Front of the PC/TV

Parents should limit their children’s time in front of the computer, or TV, and try to encourage them to be more physically active. You should remember that children should also have fun while they exercise, otherwise they won’t be interested in it.

One of the best things to do is to exercise together. A great idea is to have an exercising schedule. If the children know that each day at a certain hour, they need to exercise, they will eventually get used to it. You need to exercise with the children, because by doing so, they will want to mimic you.

There are many schools that place lots of importance on physical exercising. Also, there are many that do not care too much about exercising. You can talk to the school board, with the gym teachers, to encourage children to exercise.

The vacations can be a great opportunity to get some exercise. You can use the bike, or you can take a hike through the forest; there are lots of possibilities. You can use the opportunities you have in your city. For example, you and your children could go to the swimming pool in order to have fun, and exercise in the same time. There are many water aerobics classes which are very beneficial for the health.

Try to Mix up the Activities

You could create friendly competitions in the neighborhood. For example you could create a football match for children, and for parents. You can use any sport you like, as long as the children have fun playing it. Dancing is another excellent way to have fun and to exercise.

It is very likely that your child will want to play sports as long as you expose him/her to them. You can go to football, or basketball, or baseball games, and see which one he likes. You could also play these sports in the park.

If the child plays video games all day, it is certain that he will not be interested in playing sports in real life. Another change you could make, is to let the children pick the activity they want to do. Sure, they will follow you when you are active, but it is very possible that they will get bored soon. When that happens, you should let them pick the sport, game, and so on, and follow them.

Let them be leaders once in a while, and have fun while you play with them. By exercising together with your children, both of you will benefit from it. They will spend less time in front of the computer, and you will increase your health. It is a win-win situation.

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