Exercise More Than 30 Minutes Per Day to Be Healthy

In 2005, the U.S government stated that the amount of time people should spend exercising is strictly related to the size of the body. This means the fatter/heavier one is, the more he needs to exercise. Of course, as you might know, most experts recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of exercising per day, which might not be enough for some people.

There are some who cannot lose weight even if they exercise for 30 minutes. It might not sound too great, but the experts state that it is the best way to improve your overall health.

Exercising Is a Must If You Want To Be Healthy

The reason why people put on weight, and some become obese, is because of a poor diet and of an inactive life. These people eat more calories than they manage to burn, and fat gain occurs. Exercise is extremely important, especially for the ones who are sedentary. Those 30 minutes of exercising per day should be just the beginning.

By doing those 30 minutes of exercising, a person will benefit from numerous points of view. The risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, back problems, will be reduces. The mental health will benefit from exercising as well.

People who are exercising for 30 minutes per day and who still put on weight should increase their exercising period to 60 minutes. Experts recommend 90 minutes of exercising for some people. People who were overweight, then managed to lose a substantial amount of weight, and want to maintain the weight loss, should exercise for 90 minutes per day.

This is the best way to keep weight off on the long run. Of course, there are some who fail to exercise for 30 minutes per day, and 90 minutes seem impossible. The experts recommend sticking to exercising, no matter what.  It might be difficult, but it is for the best.

30 Minutes of Exercising Per Day Are Not Enough

According to the experts, the 30 minute guideline was misinterpreted from the beginning. That half an hour of exercising was recommended for people who have a normal body weight, and who want to stay in shape. Overweight people need more exercising than the ones with regular body weight.

The good news about exercising is the fact that you can spread it in a day. You can do 30 minutes in the morning, then 30 in the afternoon, and then 30 in the evening. You can split them up however you want. However, you need to exercise in the proper manner, which means that you need to get the heart pumping.

Walking slowly for 90 minutes is not beneficial; you need to feel that the heart and the body are working. In case you miss a day of exercising, you should not worry too much about it. Try to work out the next day, but do not try to recover the missed day.

If you try to recover the lost day the exercises might feel too overwhelming, which might make you quit exercising for good.

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