Elastic band exercises

Have you ever tried elastic band exercises? If you are quite familiar with the interior of a gym, than you know that there are plenty of machines and equipment that you can use to fulfill your training. But there are also moments when you just don’t want to go to the gym or when you have suffered an injury and you are not able to use dumbbells.

However, you should not interrupt your training schedule in such situations and the elastic band exercises are an excellent alternative for those who cannot use the traditional equipment.

The elastic band exercises require a band made from special rubber, having various degrees of resistance, such as light, medium, hard and difficult. Thus, you must be very attentive when you decide to buy one and choose the type that suits you the best.

elastic band exercises

elastic band exercises

Trying elastic band exercises

If you are interested in trying these elastic band exercises, here are some useful details. Firstly, you should know that the resistance of the elastic band increases with its length. In other words, it is needed a higher strength to use those which are longer.

The elastic band exercises have as a main characteristic variety: the fact that they permit very simple and effortless movements in the first phase (when the strings are still relaxed) and a high degree of difficulty when the strings are stretched to the maximum point.Thus, the primary way to control the bands is represented by the adjustment of their length.

For almost all the elastic band exercises you will need a special pair of gloves and a gym mattress. After buying all the necessary equipment, you can start doing exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Elastic band exercises for legs

Rising up onto your toes by lifting your heels off the ground is a great exercise that can train your legs using the elastic bands. All you have to do is to bind the elastic band to a door, to stay straight with your back next to the door and keep the handles at the level of your neck. Then, you have to rise up onto your toes.

Another classic exercise for toning your legs that can be performed using elastic bands refers to lunges. Thus, you have to stretch the band under your foot and keep its handles at the level of your neck, but behind the arms. Make sure that your knee does not exceed the level of your toes in the position of maximum extension.

Elastic band exercises for chest

The waving exercises can become even more interesting when you decide to use an elastic band to do them. You must bind the band to the door and lean slightly forward and bring your arms together by holding the handles in your hands.

Elastic band exercises for abdomen

The action of bending your trunk is a good idea if you wish to work your belly muscles. Moreover, the use of elastic bands in this exercise increases the chances of getting the desired look. Grab an elastic band, secure it to the door, than place your back next to the door and lean, using just your abdominal muscles and not your arms.

These are the best elastic band exercises that should easily fit your personality!

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