The Dukan diet plan – Lose weight like a star

Lose weight like a star with the Dukan Diet plan! Have you ever wondered how can celebrities regain their flawless silhouette in just six weeks after giving birth to a child? Well, they have discovered Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist who, in turn, according to many people, discovered a miraculous diet.

dukan diet plan

the dukan diet plan

Neurologist by profession, Dukan shifted to nutrition when he managed to help a friend lose weight quickly and easy. „ I told him to eat only protein and drink just water for five days in a row.” The patient lost almost 5 kilos in five days, and in the next three he managed to lose another 3. There is an explanation. This is called the Dukan diet plan – a regime that has been improved in 35 years of study by the French physician.

„During my research I realized that diets based on calories counting do not work as they do not take into account that people have cravings. Thus, even if these diets set small portions of food that help patients lose weight in the first phase, then, almost all of them put on weight again”, says Dr Dukan. Generally, nutritionists believe that they have finished their job after patient have lost weight, but the most difficult part is to maintain a constant weight.

Which are the principles of the Dukan diet plan?

Before deciding to keep the Dukan diet plan, you have to learn more about the four programs that compose it and also you have to make sure that you are healthy. The first phase is quite difficult, as you have to eat only protein. I believe you heard this about the Atkins diet, too. But the two diets are completely different. The Dukan diet plan does not allow you to consume butter or oil, all the products used having a reduced calorie index.

Let’s see which is the first phase of the diet!

Also called „ the attack phase”, in the first days of diet – 3, 5, 7 maximum 10, you have to eat only protein : meat, fish, eggs or diary). In this period of time you will lose about 3 to 5 kilos. „ The first phase, according to every person’s goals, can last between 3 and 10 days. Usually, a regime high in protein cannot last more than 10 days.”, says Dukan.

What happens in the first days?

In the first days of the Dukan diet plan, the high protein diet will help you eliminate water from the tissues and your appetite will decrease due to kenotes (powerful natural substances which suppress appetite). Moreover, as we all know, proteins have a complex structure and the body has to work more to digest them – thus, the body will burn more calories than usual.

Cruise phase, step number two

From this point the Dukan diet plan becomes more indulgent, allowing you to combine protein with low carbohydrate vegetables. During this period you mustn’t eat peas, corn, rice, beans or pasta.

When you reached this point of the Dukan diet plan, you should not be alarmed because you do not lose as much weight as before, because it is absolutely normal to lose just 1 kilo per week. „ In phase two we are not allowed to eat carbohydrates. We can consume just : radish, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, garlic, onions – all providing fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sugar is also forbidden – as we take it from starch vegetables anyway” says Dr Dukan.

Consolidation phase, number 3

Now you are free to enjoy the products you loved eating before starting the Dukan diet plan. However, there are also a few rules to follow in this stage, because otherwise all your efforts would be in vain. It is recommended to introduce in your daily diet a forbidden product in small quantities, gradually, every day. In this way your body will get accustomed with these products and you will not have to worry about gaining weight. Every day, you should add about 20 grams of each forbidden food : potatoes, rice, peas, beans or pasta.

The next stage of the Dukan diet plan

From now on, you can eat anything in any quantity, with just one rule which has to become a law for life. Choose a day of the week, preferably Thursday, in which you eat only proteins. If you eat once a week only proteins, you can lose up to one kilo and in this way you can correct the excess of fat accumulated during the other days.

If the Dukan diet plan works for you, it is wise to recommend it to your friends!

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