Do you want to lose weight? Jump Rope

Who says you need a very expensive exercise equipment to lose weight or to keep in shape? There is no need to invest a fortune in the fitness equipment and gym subscriptions.

All you need is some willpower and a jump rope. The game so loved in childhood could be put into adulthood to help you lose weight. If you count that we may practice jumping rope in the house, we have the recipe for a simple and very effective physical activity. Trough skipping rope you can eliminate over 160 calories in 15 minutes.

Because the simple jump rope has “evolved”, now you can find it in a digital version that monitors calories burned, jumps made ​​during the skipping rope workout and the jumping rope session timekeeper. It is equipped with a special device on one of the handles, intelligent enough to give you all the information. But that does not mean that a classical rope should be inferior… Here are some exercises for jumping rope:

Exercise 1

Before you actually jump rope, perform a workout warm up.

Stretch the rope on the floor. Standing above the rope with legs slightly apart.
Keep your hands and legs slightly bent, raise your hands in the side in a posture like a goalie in a soccer match.
Jump as fast as you can, keeping the position for 20 seconds.

Get down with palms on the floor and then make ​​five pushups.
Stand up and repeat.

Exercise 2

Stand with your legs close together and keep the jump rope from handles.
Jump rope, keeping legs apart during jump and on landing flex them slightly.

Perform the next jump rope in the back, close your legs and stretch them.
Then again jump rope in front, landing with knees slightly flexed.

Continue to alternate jumping with legs flexed and straight for a minute.

Exercise 3

Keep your legs slightly apart and the jump rope handles your hands.

Jump rope, lifting your right knee forward as close to the thigh area.
Switch legs to the next jump so that your left knee should be raised.

Alternate knees while skipping rope for about a minute.

Exercise 4

Keep legs slightly apart, holding the jump rope in your hands.
Jump rope, trying to touch your butt with the right heel.

At the next jump switch legs, trying to touch your butt now with your left heel.
Perform a total of six jumps, alternating legs each time.

Then jump trying to lift both heels rapidly as high as you can.
Repeat the jumping combination for a minute.

Exercise 5

Stretch the jump rope on the floor.
Stand with legs close, on the right side of the rope, at one of the ends and directed toward the other end.

Jump over the rope diagonally to the left, keeping your legs close, then jump to the right.
Continue to jump in zig-zag until you reach the end of the rope.

Jump back, backwards, towards where you started.
Keep jumping back and forth for a minute.

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