Desk Exercises – Work out at your Desk

Why not learn more about Desk Exercises? There are many people who do not work out because of their work. However, what many people do not know is the fact that one can work out at his work place.

More and more companies are creating fitness opportunities at the work place, so that the employees can stay healthy and happy.

They invest in the employees, and they expect a higher efficiency in return.

Try Some of these Simple Desk Exercises

Exercise at your desk to stay fit

Simple Desk Exercises

There are numerous companies which create great gyms for their employees. Some of them even have swimming pulls, state of the art machines, trainers, nutritionists, and even massage therapists.

Of course, not all the companies have the same resources, and are able to offer the same privileges to their employees. Even so, it is important to make certain desk exercises even if you are at work, and especially if you have to sit in a chair for 8 hours or more each day.

A sedentary life is very dangerous, as it can lead to the development of all sorts of illnesses and health problems.

There are various simple yet effective desk exercises which you can do right from your work chair.

These exercises involve all the important parts of the body, such as the lower back, the neck, the shoulders, the quads,  parts which usually suffer because of the lack of movement.

It is important to perform these desk exercises on a constant basis. One of the simplest exercises you can perform is called “cherry picking”.

Cherry Picking? You simply sit in your chair, and then you stretch your arms as high as you can (one at a time).

The movement mimics cherry picking, hence the name, Do ten repetitions for each hand, in order to get rid of the tension from the upper body.

Desk Exercises: exercise at your desk to Stay Fit

The upper back is usually very tense after hours spent in a chair. You can take care of that problem with ease.

You need to stretch both hands in front of your body, grab one of the wrists with the other hand, and pull your arms forward, as you round your back. Hold the position for 20 seconds, and then switch hands.

The lower back also suffers if you spend too much time in a chair. You can take care of that pain as well. This desk exercise can be performed both standing and sitting. You need to place the palms of your hand on the lower back, palms down.

The fingers should be pointed down, and in that position, you need to push the palms in your back, and to extend the chest upwards.

Once in that position, maintain it for 20 seconds or more. Relax, and repeat the movement for 2 or three times. If you have knee pains, just straighten your legs.

Do it ten times for each leg and it should feel better afterwards.

You need to maintain the proper position at all times. Do not slouch, keep your feet firm on the ground, and keep your chin raised and the shoulders straight. Keep making these desk exercises and your health will also improve!

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