Do Cardio Exercises to improve your health

In case you want to have a leaner body, one of the best things you can do is perform cardiovascular exercises. In a way, you are most likely already doing it.

If you are riding the bike, you are doing cardio exercises. Walking, climbing, swimming, playing a sport, all of these activities and many more are considered cardio exercises. In fact, any type of activity which increases the heart rate and challenges the lungs can be considered a cardiovascular exercise.

Cardio Exercises have lots of health benefits

The benefits of these types of exercises are numerous. The heart function is increased, the odds of developing osteoporosis are decreased, and the blood cholesterol is increased, and so on.

The experts recommend doing these activities for 30 minutes per day. Doing more than 30 minutes is even better. In order to benefit the most from the cardio exercises, you need to be in the zone, meaning that your pulse should be at a certain level. Once you reach this zone, the chances to lose fat are increased.

The best way to know if you are in this desired area is to take your pulse midway of your exercising for 6 seconds. You will then add 0 to that number, the result being your heart rate per minute. In order to calculate the zone, you need to take 220, then minus your age, and then calculate 70 percent of the number for your target beats per minute.

If your heart rate is above, slow down a bit, if it is lower, then accelerate the intensity. You can also wear a pulse monitor which will accurately display the heart rate.

If you want to get cut and to lose lots of fat, then the best solution is interval training mixed with weight lifting. Interval training is excellent for the body as it increases the metabolism. This is the best type of cardio training, as it engages many muscles, which helps with the toning.

You can do some weight training during the days when you are not doing cardio exercises, which accelerates the fat or weight loss process. The cardio will burn the fat, whereas the weight training will maintain the muscle mass.

Cardio Exercises improve your health

Cardio Exercises improve your health

Try to mix the Cardio Exercises

According to most experts, running is one of the best types of cardio exercises you can perform in order to get toned. In case you have knee problems, you can try swimming, or the elliptical machine. Or if you have the stamina, you could take boxing classes.

Shadow boxing is very beneficial, but it is also one of the hardest types of cardiovascular activities you can perform. It is best to split up your cardio activity. If you do 60 minutes of exercising per day, you can split them up in 3 sessions, doing 20 minutes per each session.

Try to mix the type of activity as well, because otherwise you might get bored by it. Play a sport, or do these exercises together with a  friend.

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